Thursday, May 08, 2014

Jeanne Stewart Announces: Our next county commissioner.

Jeanne Stewart has made the decision to run... and when she runs... she's GOING to win.

The problem of the democrats around here isn't going away:  their slavish devotion to the CRC Scam and loot rail is not going away.

Stewart has a years-long record of fighting the CRC Cartel, of voicing our objections and concerns only to be thrown off the CTran board because she dared communicate the fears of the people.

Combine that with how sickening the democrat brand is this year, and you can see that in reality, it doesn't matter who the democrats run... because they ARE democrats and because they DID support the years-long rape of the people of this community... well... it's going to suck to be them come this November.

Jeannie Stewart's record is clear: she's listens to the people, unlike Steve "I only speak for Steve" Stuart and any other democrat they'll run will have to find away to distance themselves from Stuart's years of ignoring us... and that's not possible with the current crop.

Too much arrogance.  Too much insolence.  Too little representation.

And that's where Jeanne Stuart comes in.

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