Saturday, May 10, 2014

Olive oil fumes have damaged Lefty's brain... or what's left of it.

When you've been a proven liar for so many years as our erstwhile editor has been... when... and why... should anyone ever believe him?

He and his paper lied to this community... literally.... for years.  At least 8... concerning the hated CRC/loot rail scam.  They attacked... repeatedly... those of us smart enough to oppose their idiocy... and then go on even further to attack those who successfully opposed their idiocy on the county commission even to this day.

Rather psychotic, actually.

He gets this idea in his head... apparently... about what our little utopia here should be and then proceeds to disregard any other perspective or viewpoint.

Neither he nor any other of the "sky is falling" clique have provided a compelling reason to avoid building the, it will be built somewhere anyway, oil terminal.

Because the governor of this state played too much football without a helmet to begin with, there's little chance such a terminal will be built here.  Not because of any actual "reason" it shouldn't be... there is no such reason... but because he's a brain-damaged, fringe-left moron who hypocritically splays out a carbon footprint the size of his hero's... that is, Al Gore's, home state of Tennessee... pandering to his fellow fringe-left nutters.

Our local slimeball editor wants the benefits of oil (Presumably, for example, he doesn't limit his transportation modes to walking or riding a bike, for example) without any of the infrastructure for it.

He... or someone... got to the developer of the waterfront rip off, to quote them that they'll pick up their football and go somewhere else if this thing is built.

They won't, of course; instead, they'll find a way to ameliorate it and the waterfront, with massive subsidy of non-grateful... and non-consulted... taxpayers (Think Pollard's folly: aka the Pollard Hilton) will continue.

Placement of the oil terminal here would no more define this community than placement of that cancerous wart of a pig's knuckle of a newspaper does.

Well, maybe that's a bad example.

How about: placement of the oil terminal here will no more define this community than placement of, say, Great Western Malting, another large operation at the Port concerned with... well... Malting.

And, of course, it doesn't.

So, add today's column of lies to the long list of them which stretches back for the length of Lefty's fringe-left tenure.  And cheer up: if the terminal gets built, then perhaps Lefty will find it so objectionable that he'll leave our community.

And wouldn't that be great?

Meanwhile, perhaps if Lefty would just spray a light coat of that oil onto himself and get baked at 350 degrees for 40 minutes, all of his problems (and many of ours) would be over.

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