Saturday, May 10, 2014

More democratian idiocy on the appointment.

It's a long-established fact that the ddemocratian operates on hatred of anyone to the right of Mao and slavish devotion to anyone to the left of Lenin.

Today's stupidity is no exception:
Jeers: Clark County Commissioners David Madore and Tom Mielke apparently are delaying the appointment of a third commissioner to replace Steve Stuart, who resigned in April. Candidates Craig Pridemore, who was recommended for the spot by the local Democratic party, and Kelly Love Parker said they received indications that the appointment will not be made until after May 16. That is the deadline for candidates to file to run this fall for the seat.
Madore has stressed in the past that county commissioners are full-time employees and, therefore, are able to provide excellent service for their constituents. If he truly believes that, the voters of District 3 deserve to have representation sooner rather than later.
This, of course, has absolutely nothing to do with "representation" of the people of the 3rd commissioner district: Steve Stuart admitted after the last election that the only person he had been "representing" was himself.

His absence hasn't been noticed... and his absence, since he knew for several months before he scammed the gig in Ridgefield that he was leaving, COULD have been timed in such a way that the 60 day-window defined by this state's Constitution would have slammed shut BEFORE filing.  That he left the way... and under the timing... that he did leave was entirely on him.

This scum who write the "Cheers and Jeers" sewage are well aware of that.  But instead of putting the responsibility for that where it belongs; namely on the desk of Steve "I only speak for Steve" Stuart, they attempt to blame the commissioners for exercising what this state's constitution allows for when it comes to the process of replacing commissioners who bail on their constituents for more money... pay off or no.

The democrats don't like it because, well, after all, 3 of them will now have to lay their money down and file so, at minimum, they'll be out $3000 non-refundable bucks... and all three of them will be on the ballot.

If they don't file, then they won't meet the definition of "viable candidates" and the local democrats will, once again, look like morons when it comes to the appointment process... perhaps meaning they won't have to appoint anyone,... legally.

But I WANT an appointment a week after filing closes.  Appoint Ed Barnes, so he can be vilified like he's vilified the commissioners he hates so much.

It really doesn't matter anyway: Jeanne Stewart will win the next election anyway, because all three of the buffoons on the democrats list would have sold their children into slavery to get that CRC Scam built.

For the GOP, the CRC Rip Off is the gift that keeps on giving.

Of course, if the rag wants it, whatever "it" is, then chances are that keeping them from getting it is best for this entire community.

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Martin Hash said...

Very nice political drama. Until you wrote about it, I didn't catch the cleverness.