Sunday, May 11, 2014

My take on the left's hatred of diversity.. in this case, Ted Nugent.

You can think of the left's hatred of anyone to their right as being the same thing as the Klan's hatred of anyone missing an alabaster skin color.

Bigoted.  Irrational.  Indefensible.

And the thought occurred to me today as I glanced at local leftist Greg Jayne's mishmash this morning that the motivations for those on, say, the C3G2 hate site are precisely the same as those of your average Klan member... something democrats, who vociferously defended the Klan and elected Klan members to the US Senate and House, to, in part, watch over the Klan's interests... should certainly understand.

It doesn't surprise me that when someone on the left farts, various government groups... in this case, the morons on the fair board, will fall all over themselves to comply.  After all, the left takes their fellow travelers and stuffs them into every board, committee and commission they can find as part of their efforts to keep power... a trick the right seems incapable of mastering.

Oddly, it's only offense on the left that seems to make any difference... "offense" on the right is usually a meaningless exercise because people on the right are usually... typically... not willing to wrestle in the left's mud to defend the alleged precepts of the right side of the political spectrum.

It's too hard.  Too unpleasant.  They call them names.  They get yelled out.

The left, of course, doesn't care about any of that, which is why the left always wins.  Their pressure is unrelenting because they know that... sooner or later... the right will cave.

In fact, if you review American history, it is the rare to non-existent issue that the right has prevailed on... and when they have... it's only been temporary... because the right hates the fight, and the left are the political playground bullies.

The Nugent issue is just more of the same.  The fair board lied about their reasons for cancelling the Nuge; I really don't have a dog in that fight beyond principle because I haven't set foot in the fair since those morons put the bottom line and alcohol over the "family fair" meme (And how's that "bottom line" been looking lately, eh?) and would not have done so under any circumstances... anyway... Nuge show or no.

So, Troy got his way.  His fellow fringe-left morons, thus emboldened will now parade around our community wearing their traditional democrat blue sheets (Reminiscent of the Klan's white sheets... just a different color, you understand) as they reacquire the targets of Commissioners Madore and Mielke, as well as Sen. Don Benton, counting on (and certainly getting) the assistance of the Klan sheet newspaper (Sorry, I meant the democratian newsletter) as they attempt to climb their highest mountain yet.

But in the end, the bigotry and hatred of the left for all of those not like them (Including their wildly successful efforts to keep minorities on the democrat plantation) either racially or politically is out there for all to see.

Those who DON'T see it are practitioners of it.  It's not unlike the people who lived across the street from the ancestral estates of the Count of Dachau swearing they didn't know it was a "Konzentration lager."

If they don't know, it's because they don't want to know.

What is that famous saying that begins with "first they came for?"
First they came for the Socialists, and I did not speak out-- Because I was not a Socialist.
Then they came for the Trade Unionists, and I did not speak out-- Because I was not a Trade Unionist.
Then they came for the Jews, and I did not speak out-- Because I was not a Jew.
Then they came for me--and there was no one left to speak for me.
It was something like that.

Well, it's our own fault, I guess.  I, for example, wouldn't miss the fair if it never came back.  So, I don't care all that much who plays what there or not.

Our local fringe-left nutjobs will just chalk this up as yet another sign of their invincibility and they will now, hence forth, presume to pass judgment on a wide variety of things; at first, the fair, and then later, everything and everywhere else.

And because of this stupidity, they will expect their bidding to be implemented, no matter how whacked it is... and mach schnell!

Just like the "good old days" in the 3rd Reich.  Except, instead of swastikas and jack boots and carrying Mien Kampf, they'll be dancing around the fire wearing blue bed sheets, carrying Alinsky.

But the end is likely to be the same.

And those on the right... who've seen this coming for at least a decade (Taking crosses down from Veteran's Cemeteries/Memorials?  Are you fricking KIDDING me?) but when it comes right down to it, all you have to do is watch Boehner screw us in the House to see our ultimate outcomes.

Even when we elect those to the right of Mao, all they seem to be trying to do is to make their decision to cave more palatable to us... get us to confuse "motion, with action."  For example, our complete failure of a congresswoman who did nothing to stop the CRC in EITHER the legislature OR the US House.  But most around here think she did... and that's exactly what she wants them to think.

Tell me again why that empty-suited narcissist who's only interested in keeping her job keeps getting re-elected?

Meanwhile, the left is all ABOUT "diversity."  As long as you kowtow to them, do what they want, when and how they want it.  I mean, how many gallons of hate and lies did they spew on the CRC Scam?  Where was their concern for "diversity" on that?

No where.

The left's hatred chases speakers away from speaking engagements or works double overtime to silence speakers who DO appear.  And I get that: in the battle of ideas, they insist on bringing a butter knife to an automatic weapons fight.

But then, for example, using Steve "I only speak for Steve" Stuart as an example.  Where was HIS "diversity?"

No where.

Or the CRC Scam, where the public was deliberately blocked from having any input and all the deals were made by the privileged few... enriching many of them and costing others their political careers when we ever had the chance to remove them from office.

Right, Marc?

So where was the left's diversity on that project?

No where.

Even now, we have at least one fringe-left nutjob running for office with a campaign platform of lies: "Elect me and I'll represent ALL of you in Olympia!"

He's a liar.  He was one of THE most rabid CRC Scammers... do you believe for one second he would care that this district is overwhelmingly opposed to that rip off?  Or opposed to any of his positions?

Of course not.  And he HATES to talk about that, or any of his other, anti-18th District positions: just like Dingethal and Bully hate to talk about THEIR anti-District positions.
Odd, that.  GOPer's don't seem to have the problem.

But GOPer's DO have the problem about fighting for what they believe in.

Far too often, the issue isn't political principle.  No, instead, it's panic... and political expediency.  The left knows that, of course.  They count on it.  And most of the time, the GOPer's deliver.

For example, the local Republican Party should hit the fair where it counts: in the pocket book.  They should launch a boycott of that rip off: no Republican should set foot in that over-priced scam.

They won't, of course.

And the GOP will flock to this painless separation of the masses from their money.

Because principle is just... not.... that... important.

And the left... and their hatred... and their fake diversity... will win again.

Happy Mother's Day!

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