Sunday, May 18, 2014

Inside the candidates: what did the democratian fail to ask and why didn't they ask it?

Clark County is represented by 15 members of the legislature, as much as the democratian typically ignores that... like in this article's headline.

Senators and representatives from the 14th, 17th, 18th, 20th and 49th Districts.

11 of those 15 legislators are Republican.  There's a great chance that 12 of them will be Republican after the next election.

Since the democratian is, after all, an extension of the local democrat party by philosophy of their fringe-left ownership and editor, it's not surprising that the issues they'd raise would meet the first tenet of the Hippocratic Oath: First do no harm... to democrats.

What they didn't ask is THE Number one issue in Clark County: the 800 pound gorilla in the political room, the issue they'd really rather have us all try and forget.

The questions they asked were OK, I guess.  The democrat's answering them were typically stupid in their response: for example, Mussolini Mikey Briggs' idiotic response regarding McCleary:
• On McCleary: The McCleary decision is a ruling by the Washington state Supreme Court. This is the highest court in our state. … The Legislature must comply with this ruling.
That's dead wrong, of course: there is no requirement that the Legislature do anything the Supreme Court tells it to do.  That's one of the basic tenets of co-equal branches of government.  For example, just last session, the Supreme Court demanded that the Legislature pump an additional billion or so into the wasteful education plant in the most recent session... which, of course, did not happen... because even the democrats know that it doesn't have to happen... empty threats by the 9 King County Justices notwithstanding.

But because it fits his fringe-left meme, he makes this factious claim because his ignorance of the legislative process frankly, knows no bounds.

So, the questions not asked by the rag?

1.  What does the phrase "will of the people" mean to you?  Do you feel bound by that will, particularly when it's been expressed at the polls?

2.  What was your position on the CRC?  What IS your position on the CRC?  Does the massive rejection of that project at the polls mean anything to you?

3.  Are you willing to look at other cross-river transportation solutions that do not have a light rail component, such as additional bridges in other locations?  If not, why not?

4.  When the people express their will, will you be bound by that will... or will you ignore it?

5.  Do you speak for the people?  Or do you, as former Commissioner Stuart so famously stated, speak only for yourself instead of the people?

These questions didn't get asked.  they didn't get asked because the democratian knows the answers and they know that if they HAD been asked, none of the democrats answering would get elected dog catcher.

Instead, we get a question about the oil terminal that only the fringe-left, downtown mafia types oppose.  We gets asked about the McCleary decision as if the Supreme Court can force the legislature to do anything about it (Which they can't)  and what are your top priorities... which results in lies, again like Briggs' babble about "fair and balanced representation..." as long as that means every fringe-left scam vote he can take... district be damned.

This was a pathetic, partisan effort and early pro-democrat campaign effort by the newspaper that had little, if anything to do with the issues most important to the people of this region, but instead, very important to the fringe-leftist haters infesting us.

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