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Democratians (And the candidates) whine about the commissioner questionaires.

This is something of an oddity, to be sure.

First, the leftist nutjobs are pissed off because the remaining commissioners... you know, those who stayed behind because they haven't been paid off for screwing the people of Clark County like Stuart screwed us?  Those guys?  Are hiring a replacement since Steve didn't see fit to do his duty... which was to remain until the completion of his term in office, and who then left his county... and those unfortunates who mistakenly voted for him... in his rear view mirror.

Secondly, the leftist nutjobs are pissed off because the remaining commissioners are taking THEIR time to make the decision.  Never mind that THEIR time is specifically authorized in that minor-annoyance-when-they-want-it-to-be state constitution: they want what they want when they want it.

Thirdly, the leftist nutjobs are pissed off that the remaining commissioners provided 12 specific questions, in writing, for the candidates to replace Steve "I only speak for Steve" Stuart.  Those whining, sniveling punks and their local PR arm seem to believe that they should be above all that.  They didn't happen to like the questions, since their union/special interest owners didn't come up with them.

Fourth, of course, if these slime find the process too arduous, they can always withdraw their names from the list.

Oddly, the rag seems to think that the answers to the questions at issue are not nearly as important as what these morons happen to feel about the questions.

Imagine, dear reader:  YOU are applying for a job that has a strenuous interview process.  And before the decision to hire is made, you not only get the opportunity to trash those who will make then hiring decision, you are, in fact, invited to do so by the local substitute of a daily paper... and you're moronic enough to take it.

Both the local leftists and their public relations arm have done all they possibly can to make us suffer.  For years.

Lies... deceit... arrogance... division.  An attempted aura of innate superiority over all wise enough to disagree with them.  No humility in their massive defeats, no introspection and no concern over what's best for the people over what's best for them... the people be damned.

Well, the people ain't thrilled about that.

Meanwhile, the answers to the questions merely serve to reinforce my suggestion that Ed Barnes get the gig.

There are many reasons why I believe that supercilious son of a bitch should get the gig, not the least of which is that I will enjoy a weekly pilgrimage down to the commission chamber to pound his dumb ass like a drum... precisely like he has the other two commissioners with a seeming immunity.

I'll love to see what he does while he's sitting there and I'm verbally beating him to a pulp.

But I do give him props for his honesty, if not his stupidity and contempt for the people of Clark County: while he joins with Steve "screw what the people want" Stuart, he at least makes his stupidity and disdain for the people public with his answers obvious:  for example, he makes no bones about having screwed the people of Clark County with the idiotic and unconstitutional TriMet eminent domain contract:
4. TriMet contract:
The C-Tran Board voted to sign the TriMet contract that makes TriMet the sole authority over light rail in Clark County.  It requires C-Tran to use eminent domain authority to meet TriMet’s property demands and triggers a $5 million liquidated damages claim if C-Tran does not fully submit to TriMet’s requirements.   

As a county commissioner CTran Board member, do you support that dormant contract or would you vote to cancel it? 


I would support the Tri‐Met contract for eminent domain authority. 
While the answer shows a level of ineffective stupidity that is difficult to quantify, it's out there for all too see.

And then, he continues to crap on the will of the voters with this idiocy:
5. CRC Light Rail Tolling Project:
After spending $200 million on the failed CRC project, and after the majority of citizens in a county‐wide advisory vote opposes all light rail projects unless they voted to approve it, would you still support bringing Portland light rail to Clark County unless the voters Clark County first approved it?   
According to the Cowlitz County Court and State of Washington Attorney General,  the county vote is meaningless on a Federal Highway project‐CRC.  Senator Rivers,  Senator Pike, Senator Benton and Senate coalition killed the CRC project.
While I'm sure that Rep. Pike enjoys the idea of Barnes' ignorant promotion as much as she enjoys the credit for helping to kill this monstrosity, the fact is that she is not a Senator.  But Barnes IS ignorant, and his appointment would focus on that ignorance like a laser beam, and make the democrats responsible for even placing that ignorant twit on the list to the commissioners in the first place, proving that, once again, any idiot can be a democrat.

It takes a genuinely arrogant prick to disregard the will of the people with such a cavalier, "I am superior" attitude.

And then, he goes on to nail the fringe left coffin shut:
6. Bus Rapid Transit:
Voters in a countywide advisory vote opposed any Bus Rapid Transit project unless they first voted to approve it.  Voters also opposed sales tax hike to fund Bus Rapid Transit in the November 2012 Proposition One General Election after C-Tran made a commitment not to spend voter approved taxes on BRT against the will of the voters.     
As a county commissioner C-Tran Board member, would you vote to build Bus Rapid Transit anyway or would you require voter approval as a condition of  approval?   


No because County Commissioners were elected to do their job which would not require them to have public vote.[sic] 
It takes a rare, special kind of stupid for an elected official to completely ignore the expressed will of the electorate.  All three of these morons are possessed of it, but Barnes is the only one brave enough... or stupid enough... to admit it.

Oddly, the democratian neglected to mention these idiotic answers on Barnes part with any specificity.  The question of whether or not a "public vote" is required begs the issue: one has been taken place and the people have spoken.  The positions of these fringe-left idiots have been thoroughly repudiated.  And none of them acknowledge that, meaning that none of them should be appointed to anything... or elected to anything.

This isn't the Soviet.  This isn't "democratic centralism" where a few make the decisions for everyone else and no one else has any say.

The fact is that to varying degrees, the other two fringe-left nutters on this list agree with Barnes' sharing his arrogance and complete lack of concern over the will of the voters of this county.

The difference?

Barnes' fringe-left, democrat stupidity is obvious.  His hatred for democracy and the will of the people he would govern?  Plain as the nose on his face.

Besides making democrats the laughing stock, his appointment would provide an example of democrat party governance that would become the stuff of legends.

Parker, on the other hand, who was so sure she had the appointment that she had intended to resign from the Chamber of Horrors last week to take it (How'd that work out for you?) had no intention of even bothering to answer.  From the rag:
In Love Parker’s response to a query about whether she’d support a “dormant” contract allowing C-Tran to cede “eminent domain” authority to TriMet, she challenged whether such a question was worth mulling. 
“I think this issue is as dead as the CRC Bridge,” she wrote. “We must carefully prioritize our time and energy into issues and projects that are ‘in play’. The CRC project is a dead project, and I believe the community wants us to move on.”
Parker, of course, was one of the scum whining the loudest in favor of the CRC Scam.  Years of lies.  Years of deceit.  Years of trampling on the will of the people.

She wants to "move on" because frankly, she got her butt handed to her in a basket, and she's sick of being reminded of the largest political defeat in local history.

It's NOT "dead" of course, and local democrats will be wearing the taint of their stupidity for decades.  But that Parker refused to answer the question... or any question... put to her as a part of this process shows how absolutely unsuitable for elective office she not only is... but ever WILL be.

It doesn't matter who the commissioners select in the eyes of the fringe-left nutters running the democrats around here or that simple idiot running the newspaper: they'll be no less hated.

Democrats will whine like the little punks they are: Lefty Lou will continue to beat the dead horse that he set up, and this November, the people of this county will thoroughly repudiate the lot of them outside the downtown Kollective.

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