Monday, May 19, 2014

The simple question to "out" the M&M Twins in the 18th District.

We get that the M&M Twins are uber fringe-left whackers.  They're both terrified about telling the truth concerning their positions on the issues: both ignore requests for those positions, merely, instead, relying on glittering generalities to avoid telling the truth as to where they stand.

They don't want people to know that.  They certainly doesn't want the people of the 18th District to see how much of a pair of fringe-left nutbergers they are.

And here's the simple question that would immediately and permanently nail their political schwantzes to the wall.

"Can you list... in detail... all of the issues and positions where you disagree with Rep. Jim Moeller?"

Simple question.  I'm putting it up here to give them a chance to get ready for it.

Since the answer is "none," it will be easy for them to reply.


Like Rep. Moeller, did you, do you, support the CRC Scam?  Have you not rabidly supported light rail?

Like Rep. Moeller, do you oppose any other alternative?  If so, what?

Like Rep. Moeller, do you not support a state income tax?

Do you not support Rep. Moeller's decision to sue his own constituents on the 2/3rds vote requirement to increase taxes in this state?

These questions are political death for either of the M&M Twins.  And they should both expect to see them.

A lot.  Because they are going to be asked: repeatedly.

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