Sunday, April 06, 2014

Two predictable leaders.

Way back in February, I posited that Putin would ignore our blind coward in the White House and take the Ukraine.

There's nothing we can do about it that won't take guts: and our favorite coward is bereft of any.

The militaries of our enemies are expanding geometrically while the coward is shrinking the US military to pre-World War 2 levels.

This crap doesn't happen in a vacuum.  He has the ability to "Reagan" the Russians, but not the testicles, which, apparently, the Klingon Princess keeps in a jar in her bathroom.

Besides, the billions wasted on Obamaphones have to come first... right?
(As an aside, we will have to waste additional billions to get back to where we need to the military to be, as some of our beat and brightest are kicked out and we'll wake up like we did post-Vietnam to discover a massive shortage of pilots of all stripes, mid grade NCOs purged from the system, as well as company grade officers in an effort to shift money stuff... instead of defending freedom.)
So, Putin's adventurism isn't surprising to anyone possessed of the common sense of a rock ape.

Politics and nature both abhor a vacuum.  The shortsightedness and lack of courage of the horrific mistake we have for a president is legendary around the world.  They watch in awe as he destroys his own country from within... and they know that against the kind of weakness Obama personifies they can do whatever they want as they take advantage of the idiot-in-chief's post election "flexibility" that he promised the then-head guy of Russia:

Putin, who rose through the ranks of the KGB to attain the rank of colonel, knows what power is and he knows how to use it.


Well... he was a community organizer.

And how's that working out for us?

Meanwhile, Putin engages in taking over a country that's ostensibly an ally to the West,  and Obama plays golf.

He isn't terribly concerned about much of anything, save expanding the Russian Empire.

Obama, on the other hand, isn't concerned about much of anything but weakening this country.

Putin knows that.  The Chinese know.  Hell, everybody knows it.

So, Vlad is being Vlad.  And if there's anything surprising about any of this... it's that it's taken him so long to do what under Stalin would likely have been a 3 day exercise.

That shows at least some indecision on his part.  An intelligent American leader could exploit that and take advantage of it.

But we don't have one of those, do we?

And, well, we're seeing the result, aren't we?

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