Sunday, April 06, 2014

Ignoring me for 4 months: Dingethal steps in it on unemployment; how can he demand an extension when the dems keep telling us how great the economy is doing?

Their are lies, damned lies and then there's Bob Dingethal.

His campaign effort has been pretty rocky and amateurish so far... and I don't expect anything different until his defeat this November.

For example, I pointed out that his campaign web site blog hadn't been updated for the better part of 3 months which tells me no one has been reading it or someone else would have told him about it.  And that, of course, is a huge sign that he's got no traction or following.  Man, does it suck to be him or what?

His response?

He took it down.

But going 3 months without updating it is what you do when you're so broke you can't buy a box of donuts.

Four months ago,  I asked him for his positions on the CRC Scam and repealing Obamacare, knowing that if he didn't oppose both of those issues he'd go from zero chance of winning to something far BELOW zero in his efforts to avoid embarrassment when he gets slaughtered by Herrera.


So, imagine my surprise when I saw this idiocy on his campaign facebook page:

It's a shame this guy can't, apparently, even think for himself:

No candidate should be a coward when it comes to responding to views they may not agree with.  After all, hasn't fringe-left nutter Mike Briggs been spewing that he would represent EVERYONE if he got elected?

That's a lie, of course.  But it goes to the heart of the matter:

As a Member of Congress, I would expect Bob to actually think for himself and, in fact, think things through before he posted them instead of just babbling the leftist line.

He seems incapable of that.  And one has to wonder why.

I would also expect him to respond to a question by a constituent when asked.  Ignoring me for 4 months?

Get used to that if he's ever elected... to anything.

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