Monday, April 28, 2014

Things that cause Bully to grind her teeth to stubs.

It's tough to take on an incumbent.  It's doubly tough when you lie.  It's triply tough when you're broke.  It's geometrically tougher when your positions are in direct opposition to the views held by the vast majority of the district you're trying to take over.

Caught in multiple, unnecessary and childish lies... busted in a bogus, false portrayal of a hard working representative of the people... a fringe-leftist so far out there that even her amateurish efforts to kowtow to the WEA were an abysmal failure... only to see this on this evening's democratian:

Here's Rep. Liz Pike with Rock Star Sen. Ann "Bridge Killer" Rivers.

The focus of the story?

The effort of Rep. Pike and Sen. Rivers to put together a bi-state, bipartisan effort to address our cross-river transportation issues... a transparent effort to actually act on behalf of the people instead of at the bidding of the downtown special interests who screwed up the CRC Scam so badly.

And earned media that Bully can't even dream of.

Likeability cannot be over-estimated in a political campaign.  Our Liz has it.

Bully, on the other hand, is possessed of that strident arrogance that's such a turn off.  With an ego matched only by her ignorance... both the size of, dare I say it... Bangladesh? 

Bully can't figure it out.  No money... no traction... no clue.

And it will get worse... without getting better.

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