Tuesday, April 29, 2014

More confirmation that Mussolini Mikey Briggs doesn't get the district.

Memo to Musso:  Mikey, you seem to think you're running for a seat in the 49th. 

The LAST thing you want to do in the conservative 18th is to tie yourself to fringe-left, downtown owned pols like Larry Smith (Who was one of those who sold out Clark County... including the 18th District) to TriMet by giving this out of state agency eminent domain rights in Clark County and who, like you, is one of the nut jobs who rabidly support the CRC Scam... and fringe-left nutter Rep. Sharon Wylie (Neo-communist, 49)

You make it too easy.

Your opponents won't even have to define you... your idiocy in going hard left with arrogant know-nothings who, like you, ignore their constituency makes it so easy that you are running a campaign tailor-made to lose... almost as if someone was paying you to be the GOP wingman!

OF COURSE the fringe-leftists are going to babble at your kick down.  These same people support Marc Boldt as rabidly as they support you, and how did THAT work out for them?

The problem you've got isn't your fellow leftist nut jobs.  The problem you've got is that there's so few of them in this district.

So, you babble that so far, left wing nutburgers like Wylie and Smith are going to come around for free beer (Or whatever).  What do you expect?  That they'd say "no?"  You getting your ass kicked next November is a foregone conclusion, but your impending defeat won't cost them... or any other coat-holder... anything... so why wouldn't they bring their leftist cult of personality to your soiree so you can bask in their glow?

Reveling in your leftist trough isn't going to win you a thing.  Your only hope is to shift your message from your cowardly, leftist meme that might work well in the Vancouver Soviet but will get you nowhere east of I-205 and north of 39th to something approaching the main stream of the 18th.

And dooder, you are a universe away from that.



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