Monday, April 28, 2014

Mussolini Mikey Campaign Website Review!

When you're a fringe-left hack with no chance of winning in a district that stands in opposition to everything you support, it's hard to slam together a web site that doesn't sound like you're running in the Vancouver Soviet.

And, in that regard, Mussolini Mikey Briggs, the next of the two democrats to lose in the 18th, nails it perfectly.

Overall, except for Brigg's picture (Which, unfortunately for him, there's nothing he can do anything about) it's not a bad site for appearance.  His web guy, Roman Battan as I understand it, follows the principles that all candidates should follow: understand that people don't have a lot of time to drill down in an effort to figure out your website organization; don't overwhelm with verbiage, use colors that work well with each other.

But is that the reason we're here?


I haven't read them yet, but my guess is that since Briggs doesn't stand for anything he's already fallen for everything.

Issues!  When you combine fringe-left positions with political cowardice in a conservative district... the result is disaster.  Brigg's problem is that as a political coward.  For example, he doesn't communicate with those smart enough to oppose his idiocy.

As I read this tripe, his cowardice REEKS.  Like most leftists, he wants us to waste billions on his pet projects, doesn't want you to know he is a rabid CRC Scammer, that he doesn't give a damn that this district voted overwhelmingly against BRT AND Loot rail, AND that he wants to jack your taxes to Mars.

He starts by lying... never a great platform for a candidate.

Briggs has been sniveling about his fringe-left positions failing to meet with the approval of the representatives in this district.  Of course with Vick, who's been mailing it in since he was first elected, it's hard to say.  But Briggs' entire "balanced repres3entation" shtick is a lie.

It's a lie because he has no balance in his positions.  For example, while the district was rabidly opposed the CRC Scam, Mussolini Mikey was just as rabidly in favor of it.

Thus, were he ever, God Forbid, elected to this or any other office, he would ignore the majority of this district and vote the way HE wants, because like most fringe-left nutters, he's from the Steve "I never speak for the people, I only speak for Steve" Stuart school of thought.

His entire "balanced representation shtick is because he's pissed that he was ignored over the past several years.  Much like, come to think of it, he'll be ignored THIS year.

His own words clearly show that he has precisely zero understanding of the district he wants to represent:
We all live in a democracy that is also a republic. That is, we are involved with our own governing through our elected representatives. However, for our democracy to flourish and to operate well and fairly, we need a balanced and a fair representation. Right now, in the 18th District, we do not have this.  Currently our two representatives, both conservative Republicans, are only concerned with the wants and needs of themselves and of other conservatives. They do not represent the moderates or liberals of either party and they surely do not represent progressive people like me who favor a bi-partisan approach to our local government.
He never explains how his fringe-minority positions SHOULD be represented, particularly given the fact that most of the district hates the positions he favors.

He is, in effect, claiming that the majority should be IGNORED in favor of the fringe-left view.  He never explains how he can be a "balanced" representative by IGNORING conservatives... and he seems incapable of understanding that the reason all 3 legislators (Well, the Senator and Rep. Pike, anyway) ARE conservative is because this DISTRICT is conservative.

"Balanced representation?"  Mussolini won't even ACKNOWLEDGE those smart enough to oppose him.  How can he even write with a presumably straight face that he'd "represent" us, since the majority of this district hates his positions?

And that's the lie of it.  Deliberate or no, this entire section is a lie.

His next lies are by omission.

Under "transportation," he'll run away from his rabid support of the now thoroughly discredited CRC Scam and his loot rail fetish.

Oddly, he fails to mention either.  And that just goes to his political cowardice.

Anyone running for anything should be proud of their political positions.  After all, we wouldn't want the people to get the wrong idea, would we?

So why doesn't he mention that massive waste of hundreds of millions of dollars on the CRC Scam and other transportation boondoggles in Seattle, where a half-billion or more has already been wasted?

Because first, he's something of a hypocrite.  It's always different when his fellow democrats do it.  And second, he rabidly supported those scams as much as he rabidly supported keeping any of us from having the right to vote on any of it.

And how pathetic is that?

Second, he doesn't want us to know where he really stands.  Otherwise, he'd be a great deal more forthcoming on all of the issues.

Then he goes on to admit the will of the people as expressed at the polls is meaningless:
I also am a strong supporter of C-TRAN for folks who rely on our public transportation system. This agency provides service to many areas in the 18th District allowing our residents to reliably travel wherever they need to go in Clark County. I support mass transit advantages found in the BRT, Bus Rapid Transit project, now under consideration. I also support using smaller feeder buses, in the outlying areas of the 18th district, to bring people to the main lines of CTRAN bus transportation. This will facilitate the many people who do not have transportation and cannot travel to the main line bus routes to travel.  
And nothing about the advisory vote concerning BRT: Every precinct in the 18th District, except for 3 (at first glance) voted AGAINST the very scam he SUPPORTS.

Is that out of touch.... or what?

What more proof would one need to show that he doesn't give a damn what the people want?

And his final lies are on education... once again, lies of omission:

He tells us that he "supports McCreary," which was the state Supreme Court's illegal demand to waste additional billions on education.

Clearly, the concept of government and the phrase "co-equal branches" are meaningless to this clown.

But support it or no, the lie of omission is Briggs' failure to explain how he would pay for it.

What taxes would he increase?  Does he think these billions are going to coalesce out of thin air?

He's talking about raping OUR wallets... except he lacks the guts to explain what HE would do to make it happen.

And I don't want that kind of political cowardice anywhere in my government.

So, for a framework of a campaign website, I'd give it a B.  It's not bad... not spectacular... but when you've got no traction and no money, I guess it's as good as it gets.

For content?  It's as much an abysmal failure as Briggs himself is.  And that means it's a little less than worthless to the people of the 18th District.

Grade: F.

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Lew Waters said...

Mikey makes a good argument for voting out Moeller, since we do not have "fair representation" in the 49th with three progressive Democrats in office ;-)

I guess he didn't consider that :-)