Saturday, April 05, 2014

The slime just keeps oozing from the democratian.

I was astonished that Lefty Lou didn't go full stupid again and fire another volley at the corpse of his hatred of conservatives that's he's already blown into dust.

But then, I stumbled across this turd pile in the rag and discovered well, no, he's not capable of it.

In their moronic cheers and jeers section, one of Lefty's morons wrote this:
Cheers: Relationships among members of the Vancouver City Council or the Board of Clark County Commissioners might appear a little testy at times, but maybe that's just politics. On the other hand, the mayor of Castle Rock, Paul Helenberg, has been ordered to take an anger-management class for violating the courtesy code at a city council meeting. According to The (Longview) Daily News, Helenberg raised his voice against the police chief when the chief requested more money for ammunition. The Association of Washington Cities investigated a complaint and recommended that the mayor take a pair of two-hour anger-management sessions.That must be one stringent courtesy code. We wonder if it's anything like an integrity resolution.
Typical of Lefty Lou or his minions, they simply hate so much they can't avoid taking a shot.  No matter how cheap.

And this is them... once again... doing that.

And, of course, since whoever wrote this garbage has no more of an idea of what "integrity" is than how to detail strip an M-16, I guess it's natural they'd "wonder."

Right, Lefty?

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