Sunday, April 06, 2014

_______________ political hatred.

The blank in the title is to be filled out by the reader.

Little discussion going on over in the comment section of a facebook post.

Really doesn't matter which one.

But it got me to thinking: who hates the most?

The left or the right?

Here locally, we swim in a fog of leftist hatred.

The newspaper is devoted to the political deaths of Republicans, casting a blind eye towards those to the left of Mao.

Groups have popped up filled with fringe-left nutters, spewing hate every day, all day.

The reason I'm writing this is I wrote the truth:

Fringe left hatred will be the bain of us all.

For example, with the demise of the CRC Scam, one might wonder: are the fringe-left nutters who supported that rip off of decades duration moving on?

Have they learned anything?  Anything at all about responsive, inclusive government?

Are the looking for other ways to increase capacity over the river?  You know, to actually head off the economic destruction of the Western World they kept lying about to get their scam built?


Have they offered up ANY alternatives?


Have they indicated they will, in any way, join with their opponents to put the last wasted tens years aside and actually begin to focus on solutions?


Well, what have they done?

Some of them, such as Jim Molehill Moeller. have repeatedly stated that the CRC Scam (a new bridge with the hated, unwanted, unneeded and affordable loot rail project) is the ONLY project that HE will support.

You know, as if he has any say?

Others, from the slimeball running the democratian down to the most moronic fringe leftist who can read, are part of the cabal of hate who still can't get over losing control of the county commission and who, with Brancaccio's and Steve "I only speak for Steve" Stuart's assistance, has been whipped up into a slobbering frenzy of hatred, displayed week in and week out at the CCBOC meetings for all to see.

Many of them act like they shouldn't be let outside without a keeper.  Like, for example, one of the louder haters, Ed Barnes, likely interim democrat commissioner to take Steve Stuart's place.

Every day, this community is exposed to the newspaper's hatred.  Every week, this community is exposed to the rabble's hatred, where they have become convicted of the very thing they used to accuse the No Toll people of doing at city council meetings... a plan killed off (like free speech in Vancouver) by Tim "The Liar" Leavitt, who got sick of hearing the truth about him week after week after week...  so he violated the First Amendment by passing a rule with his other Taliban city council members to stop people from speaking their minds on any issue...

... and when confronted with the same possibility by the CCBOC... confronted by the possibility of treating the left the precise, exact same way the left treats the citizens during city council meetings... what did they do?

They lost their collective minds.  And the hatred spewed.

This is the set up for the face book discussion.

I stated a fact.  Facts are facts.  Anything added to them... colors, textures, flavors, heat or light doesn't change the underlying premise one bit.

Others, not particularly imbued with either awareness or ways to avoid hypocrisy, chose not to see it that way.  The left does that a lot.

The response to my observation?
David Madore, your statement about intolerance expresses a sentiment that I feel, too. Unfortunately, your well stated comment is followed by the very example that you may find reprehensible by K.J. Hinton. It is the extremists (left and right) who create polarization and animosity in our community. Neither the far left or far right have a monopoly on virtue or the public's best interest -- though they may believe that they do.
I stated a fact.  Those who cannot deny it try to deflect by calling that fact "reprehensible" as if that changed it.

And, of course, as I suspected, the person who made that statement acknowledges that, in fact, they don't express this view on their fellow leftists media sites... which actually goes to the heart of the matter:

It's not a matter of "intolerance."  If it were, then the concern would be expressed equally towards those who, in the view of this commenter, engage in the practice.  Yet that person never seems to express that kind of opinion that he can relate to anyone on the left side of the political spectrum.
There are few other conclusions one can engender from that information save for the fact that the leftist who swooped in to condemn me for speaking the truth is guilty of the very allegation he casts towards me.

On this page, I am completely bipartisan when it come to condemnation and question.

You a democrat and you screw up?  I'm there.  You a Republican and you screw up? I'm there.  (Just, for example, ask our local cardboard cutout of a congresswoman.)

The leftist choose not to see that aspect, of course.  It's far easier for them to see me as someone who's a threat.  And I admit it: I am.

I beat on their pet project for over 9 years.  They lost, of course, but that, ultimately, was responsive government doing it's job.

They lost the ballpark scam.  They've lost elections they wanted.  The hate fountain known as the newspaper walks into my fan (And checks out my blog repeatedly every day) on a regular basis.

And I still won't go away.

Meanwhile, to deflect from the examination of the omnipresent and overarching leftist hatred, instead of engaging in a little, ol' fashioned introspection, they all feel compelled to jump through whatever hoop their ringmaster, Brancaccio, holds up.

Where, for example, was their outrage when the pit yorkie, John Laird, coined the phrase "cockroach" and aimed it at those wise enough to oppose his pet CRC Scam... all without a peep from anyone on the left or anyone who supported the Scam reminding Laird it was a bit over the top.

Craig Pridemore, perhaps, said it best:

Of course, he forgets all that when it's to his advantage:

Hypocrisy isn't a really good fit for him or any other politician.  But this is as convicting an example of the craft as I have ever seen.

Even when leftists admit to a source of hatred in our community, they fail to act to do anything about it.

Brancaccio tolerates as much dissent as Stalin, so most of those who oppose his idiocy and the idiocy of his minions working for him are banned from commenting.  After all, we've just seen another example of what happens when inconvenient truths pop up... right, Roger?

As for the line in the post title, fill it in any way you like.

I know I have.

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Lew Waters said...

That they whined and apparently Madore deleted it, shows who is really the hater (Democrats) and how caving to them is the end of us.

I love how they cry "freedom of speech" when one of their comments is deleted on someone's personal page, yet are first in line to demand someone else's comment be deleted on that same page.

And, in typical leftist hate, C3G2 ilk has a post up whining about William Hahn's comments being gone in a Madore post, including a link to

And still, the fail to see their own efforts in silencing dissent by praising the Lazy C for blocking and deleting comments from you and I and others that they do not wish to see.

They are the very problem they complain about.