Friday, April 04, 2014

The rank hypocrisy of the gay and lesbian lobby: I'm deleting Firefox.

I served several years in uniform... all of them to defend my country and, at the time, to die for it if needs be.

Unlike most of the fringe-leftists such as the moron in the White House, I believed our country was worth defending, so I put my ass on the line and spent 6 years overseas.

One of the reasons I did that was freedom.  Freedom of speech, freedom of thought and mostly, freedom of action.

Today, word leaked out that the gay gestapo claimed another victim in the hypocrisy campaign: The CEO of Mozilla, the company which, among other things, was the developer of the Firefox Browser.

His crime?

He gave $1000 to the anti-gay marriage effort in California in 2008.

And that's not the kind of crap I served for.

Mozilla's Anti-Gay-Marriage CEO Is Out

Brendan Eich Firefox Mozilla
Brendan Eich
Mozilla's CEO Brendan Eich is out. 
Eich is resigning as CEO and leaving the board of Mozilla, the open-source computing company that makes the Firefox browser.
He had been under fire for supporting anti-gay marriage legislation in California in 2008. 
Some Mozilla employees had been calling for his resignation on Twitter for the past week.  
Dating site OkCupid changed its home page so that if someone using Firefox came to it, it would tell them about Eich and suggest they switch browsers.
In a blog post Mozilla said: "Mozilla prides itself on being held to a different standard and, this past week, we didn’t live up to it. We know why people are hurt and angry, and they are right: it’s because we haven’t stayed true to ourselves."
Well, Mo, here's the thing: I'm going to delete your browser and any other Mozilla product I can find on my computer... because in your conclusion shows that freedom is a meaningless construct to you, and I am not going to countenance your secret police hypocrisy.

Because in all of this, you pro-gay jihad against those who now are the victims of not only your intolerance, but the intolerance of the gay gestapo makes me sick of your hypocrisy, and I'm not going to have it.

When the scumbag running this country, was elected in 2008, the same year of Brenden Eich's donation, came out in opposition to gay marriage, tens of thousands of gays donated to his campaign anyway.

Are any of these gestapo groups going to go over 6 year old FEC's to figure out who these people are and demand that they be fired?

Of course not.  And that, absolutely, is nothing but the bigotry of the left in action.

Now, on slate, some fringe-left asshole is calling for those who donated to that campaign to be "purged."  Sounds like your typical Nazi, doesn't he?

And that's the thing.  The unceasing hatred of the left, the never ending hypocrisy of the left, the whining, sniveling garbage of the left is what's destroying this country.

Unfortunately, I was not a donor to Prop 8.  But I wish I had been.  And to the gay gestapo types who don't like that?

Well, feel free to try and do something about it.

Meanwhile, you'd better bring a big lunch.

I don't support gay marriage.  Doesn't matter why.  I don't actively oppose it, because the people of my state (Washington) were allowed to make the choice.  They made it, and I will live with it.

But the rabid bigotry of those in the gay gestapo who moronically believe that because we're smart enough to share the view that gay marriage is idiocy should be hunted down and killed?

Bring it.  Bring many bullets.  Because as hard as you clowns push... it's only a matter of time until people start pushing back.

Live out your sick fantasies by killing us?

There's a very good likelihood that you'll get killed back.

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