Sunday, April 13, 2014

The left's fascination with taking more of our money.

Few individual legislators have raped the taxpayers personally and ripped us off generally more than Jim "Molehill" Moeller.

Molehill is a state representative, but I hesitate to apply that title to him given how little he represents anyone but himself.

He jacks the taxpayer for undeserved per diem, routinely claiming it when he's not up there and not needed.

He lies about how, without per diem, he couldn't even BE a state representative.

Molehills a fringe-left nutter: THAT he lies is a given.  But in the economic disaster zone of Tim "The Liar" Leavitt, aka the Vancouver Soviet, Molehill, who would sell children into slavery to jack us for his programs, keeps getting re-elected... legislative lies notwithstanding.

His take on the issue of stealing our money?  His peculiar fiscal fetish?

Sniveling about his repeatedly rejected demand for a state income tax.
“Washington has the MOST regressive tax system in the nation,” he wrote. “Those that can pay the least pay the most.
That's a lie, of course.  This clown lies like people breathe.
Those who BUY the most, PAY the most.
Obviously, self-delusion is a major part of his shtick. 
The tax system in this state is a pig (with lipstick) as it is. We try and make it fair(er). For example, the largest tax exemption is on food, and we try to mitigate its recessive nature by providing services to the poor, and at the same time encourage investment and job growth by creating tax ‘exemptions.’ It’s madness and unsustainable!”
 Here's the thing, Molehill: Oregon HAS a state income tax, and they're a trainwreck.

One wonders: if a state income tax solved so many problems... then why is it people living here wouldn't be caught dead living in Oregon?

Perhaps best known for being the author of the roundly lampooned and subsequently overwhelmingly rejected-at-the-polls "what is, what isn't" stupidity of his "candy tax," Molehill is an acolyte of the Steve "I only speak for Steve" Stuart school of thought; Molehill has sued his own constituents to overturn their demand that 2/3rds of the legislature vote for tax increases.

With the neo-communists like Moeller, there is no amount of money that would ever be enough.


Like union thug teachers who go on strike while they lie about it being "for the children," Moeller is one of those who, as his per diem scam shows, looks out for himself first and only secondarily will he kowtow to the special interests that own him like the 13th Amendment didn't exist.

As an alleged "representative," his only question SHOULD be: what does my district want on this?

Well, as far back as I can research, his district has always been opposed to the rip off he advocates.

I suppose that if he doesn't like it, he can always do us all a favor and resign in protest.

And Greg, when you write:
In the meantime, I’ll remain grateful that I’m not the one who has to come up with the answers.
You're not the only one.  God forbid that we'd have TWO Jim Moellers shafting us.

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