Sunday, April 13, 2014

So... This makes me wonder just a bit...

The democratian did two stories yesterday... one about the Lincoln Day Dinner (GOP) and the other about the democrat convention.

I was struck by the fact that the haters who commented under the GOP article (And let's face it, it's the response the democratian craves) wrote the following:

 5 GOP wants action, growth in ranks

Well, you'd expect these fringe-left nutters would be at least as concerned... or something... over what their fellow fringe-left nut-jobs are doing... wouldn't you?

So what was under the article on the democrat goat-rope?

 0 County democrats gather to ‘hold up the torch’

Absolutely nothing.

Of course, Peggy's lie about getting laughed out of the GOP doesn't help: fringe left whackers really don't have that much of a place in the group.

Fascinating, isn't it.  Some of the main haters from the neo-communist hate group, C3G2 can't help their deep-rooted, Pavlovian responses thru their hatred of the GOP... but then they have absolutely nothing to say about the ever-shrinking local leftist club.

Wonder why?

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