Monday, April 14, 2014

Returns are in: Lincoln Day Dinner was a train wreck.

First, I was unable to go.  And if I had, I wouldn't have stayed.  But I've been hearing it all weekend.

Almost everything in the local GOP's power went wrong.

They likely will be bleating that they made bank.  But there's more to success than money... and this disaster was more reminiscent of the idiocy of the last GOP convention that sits squarely in Brandon Vick's lap.

Until adults take over the local GOP, I'll be passing on any more of these things... not that I went to all that many of them anyway.

Everything from allowing fringe right wing Representatives from far outside the local area to come here and tell us what THEY are doing (As if it matters to the local GOP?) giving them an interminable amount of time to shoot off THEIR mouths about THEIR agenda and THEIR bills while our own elected local representatives, save for the cardboard congresswoman who lied about voting to increase the debt ceiling ("I (stupidly) voted to raise the debt ceiling because... we... have... a... plan!'"  Kind of like letting a fat guy loose in a Dunkin Donuts because he's got a plan to lose weight.)  as OUR elected officials were denied the ability to speak... and this idiocy ran for over 5 hours.

In fact, whoever ran this idiocy apparently didn't even put time limits on those they deigned to allow to speak (WHY would we care, here locally, WHAT Condotta, Scott, or Shea have to say?) they didn't even bother to individually acknowledge our own legislators and elected officials, allowed the auction to run far too long, and didn't even get to the keynote speaker UNTIL 10PM!!!

Candidates were even denied the right to take a couple of minutes and announce they were running.

One wonders: when will the local GOP ever get it right?  Because so far, the lack of both common sense and results has been striking.

Paulbots are running the show.  Call me unimpressed.  And this does not bode well for November, as the party becomes less and less important and the individual effort of the candidates makes them irrelevant.

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