Monday, April 14, 2014

Here's another sign it sucks to be a democrat in Clark County

There's a great many tells about the descriptive phrase, the rather ubiquitous phrase: "Campaign viability."

What, exactly, IS "campaign viability?"

It means that the campaign you're running actually has a chance at succeeding.

Take Lynda Wilson, for example.

Wilson, most recently former county GOP chair, is taking on democrat Rep. Monica Stonier in the 17th.

By any and all measures for a local campaign, hers is the very model of "campaign viability."  In fact, at this point, it's the rare campaign that I can actually call close to flawless.

Great job raising money, she's everywhere, talking to everyone, signs are up.... she's done a great job organizing her campaign infrastructure and frankly, I've got to call it a GOP lean.

Contrast that with the sad cases of candidates Dingethal and the M&M twins.

There's a great many indicators of campaign viability of course... some measurable... some general.

As a rule, it's not unlike pregnancy: one either is, or one isn't.

The following democrat campaigns are not viable.

Bob Dingethal of course, is running against our cardboard cutout of a fake congresscritter, Jaime Herrera.

A well run, well organized, well financed campaign with a conservative-leaning democrat is the ONLY way that simple idiot can ever hope to be defeated by a democrat.

Unfortunately, politically at least, dems insist on running Moeller-clones who have a better chance of winning the lottery than they do making inroads in a strong-right leaning district like the WA03.

The result?

Dingethal is through.  He's not raising money; he'd even gone 3 months without bothering to update his campaign blog until I mentioned it... and then he got rid of it instead of using it.  And it's those kinds of things that hold up the "Not viable" sign.

Two more non-viable Moeller-clones are fringe-left nutjobs Mussolini Mikey Briggs and Maureen "Whining" Winningham.

Seen any signs for either of them?

Seen any outreach to anyone not a communist?

Fund-raising has been abysmal for both.  Briggs puts the "A" in the word, in fact.

In the 3 months he's been running, Briggs has raised a total of  $1125.

That's pathetic.

By contrast, for example, Republican John Ley, who is also running against Do-Nothing Brandon Vick has raised close to 3 times as much in 1/3rd the time running against an incumbent from his own party!

How sad is that?

Winningham isn't doing much better:  In fact, take out the huge Connecticut donation of $3800, and Winningham has only put $900 in the 3 months SHE'S been running... and only $300 of her money even came from within the state!

Obviously, for local democrats outside the Vancouver Soviet, that's a tough nut to crack.  They're getting bad advice and no money.  And that, folks is a horrific combination.

They apparently don't get that the coat-holders are serving them up as sacrificial lambs.

Even the usual suspects are staying away in droves... and filing is in a month.

For these 3, at least, it's going to be a long... hot... GOP summer.

The M&M Twins, of course, will do the best they can to amp-up their  attack modes, and while Vick is certainly a target-rich environment for this sort of thing, that's more an issue for Ley than it is for Briggs.

I get that: when you have no plan or positions that the district you're going after will support, attacking is all you've got.  But when you don't have any money...

Clueless on messaging, clueless on political positions, clueless on campaigning, clueless on what it even means to be a representative, Briggs was forced to cancel his kickoff when he discovered that no one would go!

And that, perhaps, is the most pathetic aspect of all of this.  Sad, really.  But ego can be a terrible master in politics... as these 3 are certainly finding out.

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PNW Patriot said...

Thanks for the kind words on the Wilson campaign. We got a great candidate and the best team!
S. Nelson