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Paging Craig Pridemore or Pat Jollota; paging Craig Pridemore or Pat Jollota: please pick up the yellow hypocrisy phone....

It is the curse of our community that leftists here set the bar on rank hypocrisy.  Pat Jollata, Nelson Holmberg, Craig Pridemore and Betty Sue Morris are among those setting that example.

Back in 2010, Lefty Lou Brancaccio began to act like he'd lost his mind.  His hatred, his petulance, his arrogance began to reach what has now become an all time high.

He stupidly began to use his bully pulpit as what he believed it to be: a hammer... a weapon against those wise enough to both oppose his idiocy and to stand up to his fringe-left allegiance.

The editorial page became nothing more than a democrat outreach tool... and a weapon used to attack the GOP... every day, all day.

The left drew... and draws... a complete pass.  And the attacks on some of us became personal, and were designed to personally and professionally injure us.

For WHATEVER the reason, Lefty felt compelled to ratchet up his stupidity on a man that the left considers to be one of their own.  The result was a backlash against the slimeball editor of the daily cancer, who, rather stupidly for him, had tipped his hand about attacking the following week.

Both Craig Pridemore and Pat Jollota fired back at Lefty publicly for what his was going to write.  Lefty, finally getting pushback from his own side of the spectrum for attacking someone they believed to be one of them, showed his lack of testicles and bailed out on the planned attack.  Rightfully, it never materialized.

But I was struck by this just this morning:  clearly, the divide isn't party: after all, Brent Boger had even been the county GOP party chair.

The divide is between liberal and conservative.

This is further illustrated by the in-crowd leftists' support of Marc Boldt, who had long since ceased even resembling a conservative and had that same crowd's hate-based support in the last cycle... and their equally hate-filled opposition to Commissioner's Madore and Mielke now.

It even illustrates the dichotomy of the CRC: most conservatives opposed it, most liberals loved it; conservatives wanted a vote to do the will of the people, liberals would sell their own children into slavery to keep the people silent and unheeded to get that rip off built and as a result, conservatives became an article of hatred for our local left.  It provided them with an excuse, with a focal point, a blinding ability to assume the values of the organization to the exclusion of human decency and fairness.

Think in terms of concentration camp guards and their ability to not view people in terms of actually being people.

None of those lusting after Madore or Mielke's blood, political or otherwise, would dream of treating their internecine differences with others inside their group the way they're attacking these two.

They have managed to become everything the claim to despise.  The only thing that is ever "right" is what they want: anyone standing in their way is subjected to the kind of hatred, scorn, attacks, lies, smearing and the like that Craig Pridemore, Pat Jollata, Lou Brancaccio, John Lard and that ilk have engaged in since the words "David Madore" were first ever uttered in our community.

It is a blind, unreasoning hatred, rife with collateral damage that has caused nothing but an even deeper divide and distrust within our community; acts on one side of the political spectrum based entirely and only on their leftist political bigotry.

There is no altruistic motive here.  This is about hatred and power.  The local left simply cannot stand that they've lost political power.  This is certainly illustrated by the left's sudden, Madore-driven epiphany and flip on the matter of the county charter, a concept that former leftist democratian editorial page editor and current county democrat party chair Mike Heywood wrote:
They hope to give rural interests dominance over urban values. They suppose they can make it harder for county government to raise and spend money on social problems and infrastructure capital.  
Odd that they've long since ceased expressing that concern during the efforts to overturn the last election, isn't it?   A few short years ago, their fake worries were all that and a bag of chips.  Naturally, Lefty mirrored the concerns of his party, doing what he could to trash the effort... and democrats Stuart and Boldt obliged.

But now?  All of that is long forgotten as the hatred of the left has caused them to set aside their rank fear of the people, and replace it with the rank hypocrisy of their hatred.

Almost 4 years ago, when the attack was going to be on Boger, this was their response:  (click to enlarge - Thanks to Lew Waters for these pictures.)

Boger, Pridemore dislike Brancaccio

Boger, Jollota, Betty Sue dislike Brancaccio

Boger, Jollota Brancaccio dislike

These same leftists who so condemned  Brancaccio... rightfully, then... remain not only silent now... but are active participants in his jihad against two men that Pridemore had once claimed merely by "stepping up to serve is entitled to a basic, human level of respect."

Well, where's their complaints now?   Back in 2010, Pridemore wrote 
"This was the nastiest, rudest, most mudslinging campaign season I've ever seen and it keeps getting worse.  In my opinion, The Columbian should model better behavior."
But not now, right, Craig?  Not when the targets are conservatives.  Not when you believe you can benefit personally.

Now, they can unload their... and your... manure by the truck load and you just stand by and applaud, maintaining your silence as the rag does YOUR bidding.

And the same for Jollota, who roundly condemned Brancaccio's treatment of Boger but who roundly supports Brancaccio's treatment of Madore and Mielke. 

Pat, fortunately, is no longer in elective office.  Pridemore, however, wants to be, and he wants it in the worst possible way.  And that's how he and his fellow hypocrites intend to give it to him: in the worst... possible... hypocritical... way.

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