Tuesday, April 01, 2014

Another example of Pridemore's hypocrisy and fringe left buy in.

Rank hypocrisy.  I just found this on Pridemore's facebook page.

When one of his buddies was about to get the hell beat out of him by the slimeball editor of the rag, what did Pridemore have to say about it?  (Click on image to expand.)

So, back when he didn't like seeing a buddy beat up, it was horrible.

"You still read the Columbian?"

Not voluntarily.

And this is the thing, Craig... it's what makes you such a slimy hypocrite.

Instead of demanding that the democratian  should extend those in office "... a basic, human level of respect,"  you join with the scumbag you laid out back in the day.

Your support of Brancaccio's character assassination drops you to the exact same level of scum that he is, Pridemore.  Your detailed statement above clearly shows that you know what an asshole Brancaccio is; now you're wearing out kneepads in front of him.

You and your fellow hypocrites ought to be ashamed of yourselves.

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