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Announcing the Maureen "Bully" Winningham Watch Blog.

At first, I was going to stay out of this.  But then, I made the mistake of watching this video... and I was struck by how hypocritical it was, and how she was making a serious effort to portray MY state representative as if she, Liz, were some sort of mirror image of Maureen herself.

Then, I thought, what the hell... I've got a vested interest in this outcome since this witch wants to become a part of MY government... and I cannot sit idly by if there is even a chance... as remote as it is... for that to happen.

So, I do what I do.

As a constituent of the 18th Legislative District, I am naturally concerned about who is representing us in the legislature.

We have two stellar members there right now: Sen. Ann "Bridge Killer" Rivers and Rep. Liz Pike.  Both are stellar in their job, hard working at this allegedly "part time" gig that seems to take up most of the day.

Both reflect the views and values of the majority of the people of this district.  Both have fought hard and ultimately, successfully to kill the many-headed snake known as the CRC Scam.  Both are open and available to their constituents for dealing with the issues confronting us all.

Both also clobbered their opponents in the last cycle, massacring them with a 63% or better vote count in the last election.

So, what do the democrats do about that in the race for the 18th District House seat?

They unleash a lying thug named Maureen Winningham... because these two, Mike Briggs and The Bully are, apparently, the best they can do.

Watch her in action at the local democrat goat rope a view days back.

The screen over is provided by the inestimable Lew Waters, YouTube wizard extraordinaire.

The problem we've got here is that this video lays out in detail what this woman really is.

She's strident, delusional and completely out of touch with this district.

She's unconcerned with the fact that every single precinct in the entirety of this district voted against the loot rail scam just last November, simultaneously giving Rep. Pike credit for helping to kill it.

She's also, obviously, desperate; recognizing that she's got zero traction and no local support.  So she has to do what leftists typically do: she lies.  She lied in the video... more than once.... when she didn't even have to:
"I'm really lucky to work for a great employer:"
Yeah.  And employer who has outsourced 10's of thousands of jobs.  And the way she lies, she's lucky to have a job with anyone.
"Let me tell you what happens when you DON'T invest in infrastructure.  Ten years ago, Bangalore was a sleepy little retirement town of a hundred thousand people."
That's a lie, of course.  Ten years ago, Bangalore was a "sleepy little retirement town of  over FIVE MILLION PEOPLE.

Indiaonline refers to Banagalore as having one of the best infrastructure systems in the country.  So, clearly, Bangalore has had MAJOR infrastructure investments.
"And NOW, it has ten million people.  And no stop lights."
That's an utter and complete lie, of course.  In fact, here's a video... from the Bangalore Traffic Police... of an accident... in front of one of those non-existent stop lights she was babbling about. :

  She then doubles down on her lie:
  "I'm not kidding!"



  Is that even a question?

  "And now what's happening is that people are    moving away from Bangalore because it's too hard to live there.  We can't let that happen in Clark County"

I dunno, Bully: we'd all be much better off, for example, if YOU would "move away."

The population of Bangalore continues to GROW, when SHE said "Bangalore is getting smaller," and "People are moving away."

Current Population of Bangalore in 201410,178,146
Population of Bangalore in 20139,556,945
Population of Bangalore in 20118,425,970
Literacy Rate in Bangalore89%

In fact, says that the population of Bangalore has GROWN almost 2 million in the past 3 years.

And how fast can infrastructure grow to support that kind of influx?

Taking it further, while Losingham is trashing Bangalore (One of the centers of the tens of thousands of jobs her employer has outsourced), this is what the website has to say about it:
Population of Bangalore - With a total population of over 10 million people, Bangalore is ranked at number three spot in terms of most populous city of India. As the city represents modern face of developed Indian economy, it is also home to a large number of people who have migrated from other states to Bangalore. Bengaluru has witnessed a huge growth in its population between years 2001 to 2011. From a small figure of 5.1 million in 2001, its population has grown to 8.4 Million in 2011. One of the main reasons behind this huge growth is the Cosmopolitan nature of the city. Being a major IT hub of South India, the vibrant city of Bangalore invites people from far and wide. Over the years, it has attracted millions of people from India and abroad who have settled here permanently due to various reasons. Better standard of living and infrastructure are the primary reasons for growth of Population in Bangalore. In spite of various Government planning and research, Population in Bangalore is growing at a very fast pace. Bangalore is currently third most populous city of India after Mumbai and Delhi.
So, why does this embittered partisan have to lie?

Why did she lie about Liz's voting record?

Why doesn't what the people of this district want matter to her?

And THIS woman is going to call OUR Liz a "bully?"

She's angry.  She's bitter (Although not half as bitter as she's going to be) and she lies because lies are all she's got.

Well, there's a bully in this race all right: a clueless, fringe-leftist union hack of a partisan who with this one video shows herself to be better suited to represent the Vancouver Soviet then us hicks out here in rural Clark County.

Why does she have to make this stuff up?  And if she's going to lie about crap like this... then what else has she lied to us about?

And what else WILL she lie to us about?

And when this is all over... she is going to not only be defeated this November... she is going to be CRUSHED.

And I am going to do everything I can to make sure that happens, because I don't want this woman around ANYWHERE in my government.

Much more to come.  Stay tuned!

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