Thursday, April 17, 2014

The rank partisanship and hypocrisy of Jim "Molehill" Moeller.

As soon as the semi-audit response from the auditor was announced, I suspected that the CRC Scamming scum would be out in droves to cover their collective asses.... and while, at first, they seemed relatively quiet, they broke lose this morning and they did not disappoint in that regard.

Among the absolute lowest, most partisan of those scum is the liar masquerading as a state representative of the Vancouver Soviet, one Molehill Moeller.

He wasn't the only one this audit turned into a blithering idiot: Annette Cleveland, Slimeball Stuart, The Liar Leavitt, Paul "Identity Vancouver" Montague, Kelly "Have a drink on me" Love; the scum who rammed the TriMet deal down our throats without letting the people even read the contract to delegate eminent domain authority to an out of state agency.... everyone from the CRC Scum who wrote the memo outlining how public participation in the process was going to be minimized to Lefty Lou Brancaccio and his pet cockroach editorial page editor pretty much look like idiots.

But of those,m perhaps THE most rank hypocrite to ever set fingers to keyboard is the area's very own scumbag Jimmy "Molehill" Moeller.

In the comments under this article, Molehill actually had the temerity to accuse someone ELSE of "partisanship."

That's right up there with Molehill accusing someone else of being gay.

In all my time in local politics, I have never MET a MORE partisan, neo-communist, fringe-left whack job than he.

Here's how it went down:
Anna Miller · Top Commenter
What an amazing piece of investigative reporting. NOT! Pretty late to the party. Thanks to David Madore for hiring Forensic Accountant Tiffany Couch and to her for her courage under fire to uncover the truth and to Washington and Oregon state legislators
  • John Ley · Top Commenter · Camas, Washington
    Exactly! But for Tiffany's amazing work, and but for David hiring her, they'd be breaking ground today. But "maybe" the new investigative journalism division of the Columbian will start digging into other shady deals, like the C-Tran Board. . . . . .Reply · · 7 · 14 hours ago
  • Jim Moeller · Top Commenter · Clark College -- Vancouver, Washington · 119 subscribers
    I don't believe the State Auditor found that any money was "missing" as Ms. Couch described in her testimony in front of the House Transportation committee.
  • Tom Sharples · Top Commenter · President & CTO at Qorvus Systems, Inc.
    Jim Moeller yep, what's "$17 million in excess or questionable spending" between friends? A mere pittance, pocket change for the likes of Jim Moeller, eh?
  • Jim Moeller · Top Commenter · Clark College -- Vancouver, Washington · 119 subscribers
    Tom Sharples again your partisanship is showing! :-) Remember, when transportation funding was non-partisan? I do. Remember when the issue was safety and projects and infrastructure not trying to put words in the mouth of the opposite party. I do. I think you should apologize for impugning my character - a gentleman would.

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