Monday, March 17, 2014

The mystery of why the Oregonian is circling the drain: solved.

Cluelessness on the part of local rags masquerading as newspapers is the number one reason (Just ahead of their failing business model) as the cause for their impending bankruptcy.  The Oregonian is no exception.

The title of the Lazy O's article has so much promise.  The column, unfortunately, shows so little grasp of reality:

After the CRC, it's time show government can work: Editorial Agenda 2014

Years ago, it used to be that "if it's important to the people of Clark County, they'll read about it in the Oregonian."  Also, years ago, the Lazy O used to be what was called a "daily" paper.  What are they now?  Well, it's not easy to describe... but it ain't a "daily.

And part of that, like a major part of the democratian's failing finances, rests with their effortless ability to belittle and ignore opposition to their agenda as they fail to learn from their failures and the failures of their lackeys.

The latest Oregonian Editorial extolling Tim "The Liar" Leavitt's imaginary virtues is just such an example,

They re-mouth Leavitt's lies in the State of the Soviet speech because they're just as big a group of idiots as the Taliban City Council of Vancouver over the CRC Scam.

Save for one example, I'm not going to rip Leavitt's bitch session apart again: those interested in seeing Mayor McFly Ukrained can just go to this link.

That example is this peculiar stupidity on both Leave-it's and the Lazy O's part:
"...despite the willingness of our federal government to return more than $1 billion into our local economy;"
So, we should be thrilled about spending a minimum of $4.5 billion dollars in tolls to get $1 Billion back.

We should look forward to vacuuming a minimum of $100,000,000 per year for each of the next 45 years out of our local economy in terms of disposable income for tolls... and we should be grateful.  We should be thrilled at the harm to the local families who have to bear this burden that would have enriched the very, very few at the expense of the many.

A thought process that ignores outcomes like this is the very definition of cluelessness.  It insults our intelligence.  It has resulted in leftist hatred of everyone opposed to this agenda.  And it's the kind of thing where common sense is tossed out the window, replaced by a desire for revenge against those smart enough to checkmate their stupidity while the people of Clark County are made collateral damage by these out of control egos.

The reason this project has died, in large part, is because those set on ramming this massive waste down our throats... those bent on ignoring the people they would govern... insist on replaying the same lies, the same distortions, the same self-delusion they've been playing for a decade.

Clearly, the CRC Scammers have learned nothing, save their political futures in Clark County is, well, less than bright.

In fact, in the face of Leavitt's multiple lies over what local jurisdictions could or could not do to impact

So, where does that really leave us?

Here: those defeated by their own stupidity, avarice and greed will now do everything in their power to "show" us.  They are now set on punishing us all.

No plan set forward that isn't the CRC will be accepted.  As hard as those who despise us fought for their scam, they will now do all they can to stop any other plan.

Few people on this planet can be as vindictive as Tim Leavitt.  And for all the years he's been lying to us about what he can and cannot do, we are about to find out exactly what that means.

One of the many problems confronting us is the childish, stomp dere widdle footsie attitude of those wishing us the most harm.

I happen to believe that a bridge off of 192nd CAN be built in 5 years.  But what the leftist and CRC Scammers refer to as:
Because for every realistic proposal, there are just as many that are a combination of fairy dust and magic beans. Take David Madore. Please. The Clark County commissioner has said that a toll-free third bridge can be built east of I-205 within five years, which not only demonstrates Madore's tenuous grip on reality but actually serves to hamper the discussion.
This is the kind of garbage they trowel out.  It's a warning shot that to these clowns, the CRC/light rail and decade's long tolls are the ONLY alternative.

They will do everything they can to trash the plan, make supporting it radioactive, Rule 5 it at every opportunity, precisely like they Rule 5 anyone or anything they hate.

And they hate that they lost and the people won.  And they will do everything they can to injure those who worked for the people against them.  Everyone from Madore... to me.

No... they learned nothing.  And now, they are all going to "teach us a lesson."

We acted out of the repeatedly expressed will of the people.  They are outing out of spite.

Those political forces of hate on the left would rather all cut off their left hand then to support anything that has David Madore's name on it.  They want him dead: some actually, most politically.  As a result, if the Madore plan would solve every ill known to mankind, these haters would rather drown than have Madore throw them a rope.

They look at us and lie: "It can't be done."  As wrong as they've been on so many issues, they will do all they can to personally fulfill their own prophecy by doing all they can to make sure it isn't done... not because that's the right thing to do... but because of their anger, their hatred and their spite.

And it's likely nothing will happen because of it.  That, of course, is just fine for them... though not so much for the people they would govern.

But since when have they ever cared about us?


Jack Buckmeir said...

excellent reasons why the Zero is circling the drain.

Jack Buckmeir said...

Lefties do remind one of angry little children, don't they??