Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Leave-it plays whiney little bitch again.

Was there ever any doubt that Tim "The Liar" Leave-it would be all butthurt because the people rose up and bitch-slapped his plans to rape us with this CRC Scam?

Leave-it, who lied to get elected in the first place, became the downtown mafia's bitch when he immediately flipped over like a crack-hoe and then proceeded to bend the entirety of this county over so TriMet could rape us.

I get that he's all crying over being bitch-slapped into political irrelevance.  Second only to Jim "Molehill" Moeller and Mickey Mouse Annette Cleveland, Leave-it was outgunned and out-manned by elected representatives who actually represented the people instead of, like Steve "Slimeball" Stuart, themselves.

With a BA level likely approaching double digits, The Liar bitched like a cut cat at today's State of the Soviet speech, because, well, hell: that moron doesn't need the MCC for Vancouver... so why not alienate those he needs the most for his city by engaging in his playground bullshit that will, ultimately, wind up costing his city big time?

Read the article, and watch where pickled liver dives head first into the moron zone.  I, personally, would wish nothing more than that he would hang himself in protest of the unfairness of it all.

In a speech full for recycled, completely discredited lies, that silly idiot opened his political veins and bleed his sewage all over the stage.  Looking as idiotic today as he has since his campaign of lies that defrauded the people into supporting his election as Vancouver's commissar, he whined and sniveled like the CRC Scammer of old, forgetting (Or blacking out) over the fact that he needs Senators Benton and Rivers a great deal more than they will EVER need him or that nest of thieves he's working for.

If aliens were to snatch this moron up like a Malaysian Airliner, this county would rejoice.  He has been an unbelievable cancer on our community, and he deserves our scorn and a stretch in a rehab center to install some common political sense and an understanding of what representative government is SUPPOSED to be.

What an embarrassment: a punk as a mayor.  And I revel in his anger.

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