Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Of the many reasons the M&M Twins shouldn't be elected dog-catcher... add this:

There are a variety of reasons why the M&M Twins are failing to gain any traction or support in their misguided efforts to try and get elected in the 18... but not the least of these is their political bigotry and arrogance towards their prospective constituents.

I'm not going anywhere.  This blog ain't going anywhere.  Neither of THEM are going anywhere. In the unlikely event either of these clowns would win, I will be here beating on their political skulls with a blogger baseball bat, so they should deal with me now, because they damned sure won't be elected to have to deal with me later.

But for these fringe-left nut jobs to engage in such over political bigotry?  Such political cowardice?

Here's the thing. M&M, I am a prospective constituent of yours.

You ignore my questions because you know you're wrong on the issues, and you don't want your own words to be used against you, although you've babbled enough on the issues most important to this community that such an outcome is inevitable anyway.

That said, how DARE you ignore me.  How dare either of you ignore anyone asking you political questions... and that means, on Winningham's part, ignoring ANYONE who doesn't share her moronic leftist bent.

At least Briggs replied to someone else's questions, even if he didn't answer any of them.  Is this going to be the policy of your entire campaign?  To ignore those of us smart enough and intelligent enough to disagree with your Alinsky-style politics?

When you're crying election night... the both of you... remember this post.  You're going to see me call you out on your despicable arrogance a lot.  And it's going to cost you.

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