Wednesday, March 12, 2014

The rag says the county has completed it's job recovery to pre-depression levels. Madore/Mielke get any credit? Nah.

How many times the leftist scum infesting us would comment under the articles concerning Commissioner David Madore: "When are you going to open the floodgate of jobs?"

Well, all the jobs lost under democrats Steve Stuart and Marc Boldt have been recovered.  In fact, it looks like the floodgates HAVE opened....

And where are these leftist scum now?

No where.  Not a peep.  The neo-communist haters over at C3G2 don't mention it.

Here's the thing, kids: Brancaccio's stalking and character assassination aside, if David Madore were to run for re-election today... he would win... easily.

I get that it sucks for the haters with their fringe-left view of anyone to the right of Mao... I get that it sucks for the clowns like Pollard and Barnes who have, besides making themselves look like blithering idiots, accomplished nothing.

I also get that it makes Brancaccio look more moronic by the column.

Perhaps he ought to take his own advice off the cup... kind of a two editors, one cup scenario.

Meanwhile Madore's message of killing the hated CRC Scam and opening the floodgates of jobs shows that he's responsive to the people of Clark County and that he keeps his word.

That the fringe-left nutters don't like this is, really, their problem.

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