Monday, March 17, 2014

More democratian situational ethics? "Do-little" Legislature.

One of the many problems with the democratian is their bizarre, one-sided, situational ethics.

Rife in their electoral endorsements, then selective application of political tenets is a switch they like to turn on and off as if it's in that bathroom under the stairway.

Today, Greg is in full-on whine mode.  First, he misrepresented the CRC reality and took the opportunity to smack the dead horse, hate-the-GOP-commissioners corpse again (And they've mangled that corpse to a level of unrecognizably... all, of course, without providing any alternatives of his own besides Madore's East County Bridge proposal).  Then he segued into once again sniveling about the MCC while giving the democrat-controlled US Senate a complete pass.

I recommend that Greg get the children's pamphlet from the Legislature called "how a bill becomes law."  It's in a comic book format, so even he can understand it. If he knew anything about how legislative bodies work, he'd know that economic bills have to go through at least 16 to 18 steps for passage, and they can be killed at any step along the way.

Why, it's easier to get honest, truthful, unbiased reporting out of the democratian than it is to get a bill passed in Olympia.

So, here's what I urge Greg to do: if you don't like what the legislature accomplished this session, then by all means: feel free to vote against your legislators.  Meanwhile, these piƱata columns?  Besides serving up red meat for your fellow leftists, what purpose do they serve?

K-12 education is setting the table for a showdown with the state supreme court.  Under the concept of a co-equal government, the court really can't force the legislature to do anything: false threats of arrest for "contempt" notwithstanding, one need look no farther than the stupidity earlier in session where 8 of the Seattle Elves wrote a stupid letter demanding that the Legislature drop a million towards the McCreary decision THIS session.

How idiotic was that?  Well, how much money was added to McCreary?

$58 million if memory serves.

And what has the state Supreme Court done about this slap in the face?

Absolutely nothing.  Because McCreary was a purely political decision, there's no there, there.

Instead, the MCC disregarded that leftist nonsense and, in the face of the horrific costs of Obamacare the middle class is getting slammed with (How's that "This is going to save the typical family $2500 per year in insurance premiums" thing working out for us?)

We're regaled with this bitchslap of the Senate, in part because of a few... a very few... votes that were unanimous or near-unanimous in The House.

The House did it, so the Senate has no more say.  They just need to shut the hell up and rubber-stamp the House.

One wonders: were their unanimous or near-unanimous votes on bills in the Senate that died in the House?  Of course there was (Can you say "conservation futures?"  I KNEW you could!)

Don't know.  Greg the Leftist didn't bother to say.  Writing about that would destroy the underlying meme:  It's the Republican's fault.  The idea, well known in political circles and even displayed when the GOP controlled both Houses in the 90's... that the House PREposes and the Senate DISposes has no traction when to ignore that fundamental political truth grinds up a few more slabs of red meat for the left.

We've got an election coming up.  Gotta wonder: what's keeping Greg from running?  You know, to show us all how it's done?

For me, this session was as close to perfect as it gets.  Jayne, ever the leftist, focuses on a very few bills that didn't turn out well for him, while ignoring those that did manage to accomplish a great deal.

First and foremost, however, keeping the lid on the C RC Scam to the point of a temporary death made this session a success regardless of any other single factor.  And that is why the MCC deserves a plaque of our gratitude.

With the exception of the GOP failure on the Dream Act, designed to draw illegal aliens to Washington State while thinning the abysmal abilities of legal citizens actually attending our state universities, I would rate this legislative session rather highly, somewhere in the A- range.

At the federal level, the US Senate has failed to act on hundreds of House bills.  When are we going to see a butthurt column about that?

"The government governs best which governs least,"  said Jefferson (or H.D. Thoreau in Civil Disobedience, depending on who you believe)  I applaud this session where at least an effort was made to live up to that ideal.

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