Thursday, March 06, 2014

The idiocy of the so-called "survey" the democratian's babbling about.

History has taught us that the scum at the democratian are not above or beyond lying, exaggerating or distorting the news to try and fit their particular meme.

How many times... and how many lies... did Lefty Lou and the Pit Yorkie lie to us about support for the CRC generally, and light rail particularly?

We all know, by now, that their surveys... each and every one of them, including the bogus idiocy they tried to scam us with before session two years ago... was a lie wrapped in a series of lies.

The poll results over the past two Novembers, where countywide, the CRC position was trampled into dust as was the known pro-CRC candidate.  The hatred of the CRC project that Sleazeball Stevie Stuart has bent this county over for has caused him not to run for re-election because he knows he would be destroyed at the ballot box, even if he isn't man enough to admit it.

Pro-CRC shilling candidates Mike Briggs and Maureen Winningham, soon to be the next road bumps in the 18th District, are so terrified of the issue that now, they refuse to address it... because they know they're on the wrong side of it.

But the issue of "allowing" county employees to exercise their constitutional rights by being armed at the work place is not the CRC.  I acknowledge that.

No, the idiocy this article is this: the democratian has made the editorial decision that they want county employees helpless in the face of an attack like that of the whack job went in shooting at the Center for Community Health.  So they are reporting on a "survey" that they don't release, with numbers that they don't provide of those pro or con or a response rate.

That's the kind of garbage they've done in the past as they abrogate their journalistic tenets when they don't want us to know all the facts.

Here's a question I bet they didn't ask:

"If you're unarmed in an office with another employee, and you hear shooting in the next office, would you rather the other employee in your office:

1.  Be armed to defend you against the intruder?
2.  Be unarmed as you mentally plan your funeral?
3.  No opinion.

You see, it's clear that the democratian doesn't give a damn about anyone but themselves: their years of lies about the CRC, their lynch mob mentality and David Madore fetish... all of that shows that the only thing they give a damn about is their agenda.  And armed county employees, like armed teachers, aren't allowed on that agenda.

I want the county employees to have the option of arming themselves.  I don't go anywhere without a weapon: I am not going to support the fact that I can defend myself from a nut job like the woman shooter, but a fricking intake clerk or whatever, working for Clark County, cannot.

And unless the rag comes up with a better idea, then this plan should be implemented by the commissioners.

County employees that don't like that, or any other rules; just like if they don't like their pay, benefits, job, or any other aspect of their work for us can, of course, quit.

But the rights of those who want to defend themselves trump the right of those who demand to be helpless targets.  Period.

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