Thursday, March 06, 2014

Maureen Winningham stupidity.

Look, I get that Winningham is an intellectual lightweight.  I get that she's completely out of touch with the people of the 18th District.  But this toadying to the WEA for support when she is a lost cause?

Check out her video here:

In it, you'll hear the standard leftist babble that changes nothing, addresses nothing and accomplishes nothing.

That, combined with the fact that she won't even talk to people smart enough to disagree with her makes her unfit for elective office.

She continually refuses to make her positions on the CRC Scam public because she knows that as a rabid supporter of that rip off in the 18th, she's DOA.

As a result, she danced around on other issues... and finds herself wrong on those as well.  Recognizing, however, that she HAS to bitch about SOMETHING, this simple idiot has doubled down on whining about teachers and the minimum wage... like this area is downtown Vancouver.

Take, for example, her minimum wage jihad.

I do NOT want the minimum wage to go up.  In this sick, democrat-Obama economy, the small businesses barely making it now cannot afford this moronic position, particularly when she has yet to address the fact that if you jack up the minimum wage, there will be massive job loss AND prices will have to go up to make up the difference, making all goods and services even MORE expensive.

Here's the thing, Maureen: the 18th is the anti-49th.  If you're going to insist on campaigning like this is the Vancouver Soviet, then you'd better move.  Because we ain't buying what you're selling.

And, by the way?

Grow a pair and engage those of us smart enough to disagree with your bizarre views. (What happened to the last clown that sounded like you?  Oh yeah... that's right, he was humiliated at the polls... a cautionary tale for you, but one you obviously haven't learned.) After all, if Briggs is to be believed, you two are going to represent ALL of us.... including me.... right?

But go over to her propaganda facebook page and see that no dissent is tolerated.

How.... Soviet of you.


Raging Moderate said...

It is difficult to keep it civil when the person who wrote the original anti-Winingham blog is so uncivil and Putin-like in their criticism of Maureen Winingham that it is enough to make me vote for her. Perhaps, you should keep your comments less personal and more substance oriented rather than blather on about your ideological proclivities. I, for one, am tired of the politics of personal destruction. Stick to issues and keep the insults to a minimum. Thanks.

Raging Moderate said...

Leave the politics of personal destruction out of it!

Just a guy said...

This is the only bite of the apple you get since this blog typically doesn't allow anonymous posts. And that you would put together a blogger identity ONLY to post this stuff makes you that... in fact, it makes me tend to believe that this response from you might even be her... or one of her winged monkeys.

Maureen "Bully" Winningham started this. Beginning with her speech at the local democrat convention where she not only lied, but used OBVIOUS lies to attack our Liz, to this very day she has been the very epitome of that which she claims to attack.

She is the quintessential democrat: she is a bully.

She has offered nothing but attacks. You want me to ignore her anger, her refusal to address her obvious lies, her failure to answer my questions as a prospective constituent. You want me to remain silent in the face of her tyranny.

Well, that ain't gonna happen.

I haven't fired back at her HALF as much as she lies about Liz, over and over and over again, to anyone who will listen.

She is the very FACE of the leftist democrat double standard, a woman who makes her living off the 50,000 or so outsourced jobs of intel and then feels compelled to even lie about THAT.

Why is it that these unions supporting this psycho are not upset by the fact that her entire reason for being is outsourced jobs? Aren't unions supposed to oppose outsourcing jobs where those employed get slave wages and work under conditions that would lead to an company being shut down in this country?

This arrogant fringe-left nutjob in no way reflects anything but the unions that own her like she owns the poor unfortunates who work for her in India.

She is unfit for government period, and I know this simple idiot would ignore me as much if she were elected as she ignores me now. And those issues are very MUCH of "substance."

If these issues concern you so much, then I'm sure you can provide proof of where you've also aimed your remarks at this neo-communist wannabe.

Thanks for stopping by, but you will not be posted again unless you have a verifiable identity.