Wednesday, March 05, 2014

Briggs has deigned to leave my questions up on his campaign facebook page, but refuses to answer them.

As I wrote a few days back, 18th District Democrat State Representative Candidate Mike Briggs has yet to remove my questions from his campaign Facebook page.

And I appreciate that.

The problem?

He refuses, apparently, to answer the questions I've posted.

So, today, I posted this:
  • K.j. Hinton Just wondering, Mike... are my questions going to be answered?

    And what, for example, would you be saying about now if you had asked a candidate this kind of question and days went by without getting an answer?
While I do appreciate his decision to leave the questions up, unlike the coward running against Liz Pike, I have to wonder as to the value of doing so when you won't take the time to answer them?

It's not like he hasn't seen the questions: he's responded to others after mine were posted.

Mike has been genuinely angry over the months because Neither Rep. Pike nor Sen. Rivers have agreed with his positions generally, and the CRC particularly.

I get that.  It's his privilege to feel that way, but his conclusion that ignoring his view equates somehow to a "lack of leadership" makes no more sense on a well-represented district like the 18th than a demand from me that Jim Moeller do what *I* want in the 49th is somehow a lack of leadership on his part because Moeller is representing the majority of voters in HIS district.

So, what I've asked is this:
K.j. Hinton "one of my chief interests, is to provide leadership that represents ALL of my constituents and to give a fair and balanced representation."


Now then, before you delete my post as a prospective constituent, feel free to answer this question:

Knowing that I disagree with you on everything... how are you going to represent ME?

You're never going to vote the way I want on the issues of importance... so, explain it to me. How does someone who hates my position represent ME? How do you ignore the overwhelming opposition to the CRC/light rail in this district?
How do you set that aside and vote for it when the vast majority of your district is opposed to it? 
As you can see,  I asked this of him 4 days ago... with no response.

Elected officials, whether at the Congressional level (Like Bob Dingethal, who has ignored my repeatedly asked questions about his positions on Obamacare and the CRC for THREE MONTHS) or at the more local level of legislator should not ignore their constituency, actual or prospective, as I am.

This does not bode well for either of these people or the people they would represent if they're choosing to ignore the hard questions, simply because they know they're on the wrong side of those issues.

Disappointing, to say the least.

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