Thursday, March 13, 2014

The curious case of Brandon Vick and Mike Briggs.

When I first actively began consulting some 10 years ago, I was fortunate to be working with a candidate who had a female opponent.

I say "fortunate," in that this woman said and acted in ways that sent the vibe that she wanted to have my candidate's children.  This democrat seemed to be a one-woman fan club in every way from body-language to what she said or didn't say during candidate forums and the like.

It became clear that my candidate was going to destroy her in the general election, and that is what happened.  I mention that because I see something of that woman in Mike Briggs, who seems to have quite the bromance with the essentially politically worthless Brandon Vick.

Vick mailed it in the entire first year of his worthless tenure.  I expected he would... said as much... and he didn't disappoint in that regard.  Now he's trying to make people believe he's actually accomplished something... which, in reality, he has not.

He missed many townhall meetings... did nothing to fight the CRC before or after he was elected... and was so damned lazy that he failed to introduce any legislation of any kind all of last session.

I blew him up for that: sending him up there is supposed to more than just sitting around and drinking coffee... but I also knew that he would bring the same skill set that led to his abysmal tenure as Clark County GOP chair.  I had anticipated his legislative "do-nothingness" and he did not disappoint.

Apparently, he just now managed to pass his first bill:  a minor technical correction to reporting dates that even he refers to as a "small change." Sources have even told me that Vick's LA is bailing... like today or tomorrow.  How much does THAT suck?

While Sen. Ann Rivers has been fighting the CRC tooth and nail, and while Rep. Liz Pike has been working as hard to kill that multi-headed monster while advocating for safer schools and a training wage, Brandon Vick has been doing nothing, IMHO, worthy of the title "State Representative."

Initially, Briggs had been on a hate jihad against Rep. Pike for months because when it came to our fringe-left democrats' view on the issues confronting the 18th District, Pike had been smart enough to do the exact opposite of what this neo-communist wanted.  Imagine his surprise and disappointment when another fringe-left nutter came along and she, and not Briggs, was programmed by her keepers to be Liz Pike's next speed bump in her political career.

So, I expected Briggs to shift targets and go after Vick for his legislative laziness, his lack of production, and his efforts to, essentially, mail it in since he got the gig... in keeping with what I had expected him to do.

Instead, what do we get from Briggs?  Certainly not stuff like an opponent would typically provide.

In fact, democrats need to be aware that Briggs is acting more like Vick's wingman than his political opponent, even though, theoretically, Vick stands for everything Briggs allegedly hates.

Note what Briggs says:

Ladies and Gents, it's no secret I am campaigning to win over the House seat, Position #1, 18th LD, that presently Rep. Brandon Vick occupies. But I do wish to say that I am also in favor of, "logical move that could boost local business." As this is precisely the kind of bills and the kind of attitude that we all need from their state government. For this I applaud young Rep. Vick, but we need more, and we need action that goes beyond sitting quietly in session.

Who would say something like this about someone they oppose?  (Especially since he mentioned it not only on his personal page but also on his campaign page.)

And then, tonight, I read this:

So.... what's the deal?

Brandon has been essentially worthless as my state representative, political distortions from others notwithstanding,  He's tried next to nothing, done next to nothing and is second only to Jaime Herrera in not being worth the paper he's printed on... so to speak.

I'm not voting for either of these clowns, but this kind of nonsense between political opponents, particularly when one is on the "hated right" is bizarre to extremes.

And frankly, I don't get it.  Briggs has been vicious in the past, dumping people (banning them) and ignoring them even now when they don't share his political view... yet he talks about and treats Vick like he's his uncle.

What's up with that?  Here's a clue, Mike: you ain't making political points by acting like you're related to this guy.  While Winningham acts like a desperate, strident witch, you take the opposuite tact and act like you've written him into your will.

I get that you know you'll be lucky to get past 40% of the vote since every one of your positions are opposed in the district.  But, dayam!

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