Thursday, March 13, 2014

Confirmed: Sources in Ridgefield tell me it's Stuart. (UPDATED)

The democratian has tweeted out that it was Stuart who, stunningly enough, was given the job after a unanimous vote by the Ridgefield City Council.

I guess I've got better sources than the Lazy C.

More tomorrow.

Thank God he's gone.


Prior post at 10:51 a.m.

As expected all along, democrat soon-to-be former commissioner (Thank God) Steve Stuart has been given the offer for city manager of Ridgefield.

Stuart, who ended his commissioner career as a result of his horrific political defeat on the CRC Scam and his betrayal of Clark County making it impossible for his re-election appears to be getting this gig as a result of actions taken by fellow CRC Scammer and mayor of Ridgefield Ron Onslow, who joined with Stuart in betraying this county by voting to sell us out to TriMet as a part of the CRC rip off plan.

More as events move.

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