Thursday, March 13, 2014

Now that the payoff is complete... what happens next?

Thankfully, we'll be soon rid of Steve Stuart.

Outside of Jim Moeller, no one has damaged the community more or betrayed us as much.

His "I only represent Steve" stench will no longer by in the County building, and Ridgefield will have to put up with his "the universe revolves around me" garbage.

From voting for an unconstitutional county gun ordinance to throwing us all under the TriMet bus like his buddy Onslow (You know, the guy who made this happen?) Steve Stuart knew that he had precisely zero chance of re-election.

Unfortunately for the democrats, they're so short-sighted and have wasted so much hate on the CRC Scam that there's precisely zero way they can or will put up anyone who isn't slavishly devoted to that horrific rip off.  And that's a killer county wide.

That effectively guarantees that any Republican running against Stuart's replacement will likely take that person down next November... and the dem's worst nightmare at the county level is realized: an all conservative county commission.

The only question remaining in the immediate term is when do we get rid of him?

Tomorrow would be nice... but expect a few days, at least.  Of course, politics being what it is, don't be surprised if he does a Benton, double-dips and keeps BOTH jobs until the week after filing so who ever the poor sap is that comes along behind him won't be kicked out of office for a few months, instead, getting the gig until November of NEXT year, when the voters county wide summarily dismiss them... like they did Boldt and WOULD have done to Stuart.

And it didn't have to end this way.  Of course, everyone has their own definition of what representative government is and what it's supposed to mean.  Here is what it's NOT supposed to mean:

Meanwhile, the leftists with delusions of grandeur from that area (Roughly the 49th LD) will begin to engage in contortions so they get the gig.  And folks... THIS is going to be AWESOME!

The two people they hate the most have to pick Stuart's replacement!  For political junkies, it doesn't get any better than this.  For the dems: a nightmare.  For everyone else?

Get your popcorn.

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