Thursday, March 13, 2014

Get ready for the rank leftist hypocrisy: Temple Lenz to try and get the crumbs off Stuart's table.

We ALL remember the drama queens who freaked out when Sen. Don Benton was appointed environmental services director by Commissioners Madore and Mielke.

How MANY times have Brancaccio and the rest of the fringe-left nutters gone crazy over Benton's alleged lack of qualifications?

Many more than can be counted.

So, who runs for the gig?  The media darling of the left: Temple Lenz.  Lenz, who I outed as the "wit" behind the then anonymous blog "The Daily 'Couve" some 19 months before the democratian got around to it, gets all this support because she's one of the fringe-leftists that are "in."

She was also Tim "The Liar" Leavitt's first campaign manager for mayor and is as qualified to be a county commissioner as she is to resect a bowel obstruction.

So, with the massive leftist support of her candidacy... as doomed as it is county wide assuming she gets the appointment (Which she won't) we will see the political hypocrisy infesting them.

The fact is that if they can't support Benton for his job... then how can they possibly support Lenz?  Zero elective experience.  Zero government executive experience.  She's got a BA in English, for God's sake... and that's as useful as a set of brass doorknockers for a county commissioner.

As a slave to the CRC Scammers and the downtown mafia, they'll be thrilled.  But now, all those months of beating the hell out of Madore on her blog effort are going to come home to roost.

Good luck, Ms. Lenz.  You're gonna need it.


Jack Buckmeir said...

maybe Lew Waters ought to try to get the position.

Just a guy said...

No, Jack... the choices are provided by democrat PCO's and the commissioners have to pick from their list is my understanding.

That would disqualify Lew.