Friday, March 14, 2014

So, why won't Temple Lentz get the Stuart gig?

Temple appears to me to be a somewhat more subtle version of Lou Brancaccio.  Perhaps best known locally for telling Lou to fuck himself in an email, Temple is obviously intelligent, young and aggressive.  But as far back as 2010, she was attacking both of the individuals generally and David Madore in particular on her blog that the newspaper, the left and her buds believe to be "edgy," because, well, he is a conservative and the left hates conservatives above all.

Here's an example laying around the CCP shop:

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Man Who Funds Looks Forward to "Playing My Elected Officials Like a Theremin"

David Madore, Camas rich guy and CEO of US Digital, issued a statement today through, the Washington state PAC he chairs and for which he is the primary funder.

"Yes," Madore said, "No two ways about it, I'm doing everything I can to buy these politicians. Jenkins, Cismar, Svehaug, Riley ... Man, who am I leaving out? Oh, right -- Appel, Boger, Harris, Peck, Rossi, and of course the failure that was Russell. Well, you can't win 'em all."

Madore went on, "But even though you can't win 'em all, you can sure try to stack the deck. Once I get my candidates in office, many of whom wouldn't have been able to raise even five bucks without my backing, I look forward to seeing the return on my investment."

Asked what's in it for him, Madore shrugged and said, "You know, the usual. Tax breaks that I can turn around and make into my own investments instead of creating jobs, mainly. However, I do have to admit that what I'm most looking forward to? Playing these suckers like a theremin."
Look, she is at least as entitled to post this kind of thing as I am to do what I do here.

But her dream of skipping a campaign to get an appointment seems as likely as my dream of becoming the democratian's next editor.  Hiring her would be hiring even more of a drama queen than the guy she's replacing.

Years of this sort of thing aimed primarily at the right generally and conservatives particularly has not endeared her to those among her main targets. Hiring her would guarantee that the Board would become a total soap opera as Lentz's entire tenure as an appointee would be spent campaigning.

In reality, however, that would likely be the action of anyone appointed.  But Lentz has shown her cards, and those cards include the left's utter contempt for the two men who would be her fellow commissioners. 

But can you imagine Temple Lentz sitting there, answering these or questions like these?  Can you imagine ANY democrat the PCO's would support sitting there and answering these questions?

As a guess, many of these are questions the voters will want answered in the upcoming general election.  Unfortunately for the democrats, it's reasonably clear that anyone they put forward for the job are likely to be forced to answer the questions the wrong way.

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