Wednesday, March 19, 2014

So, will the CRC Scammers ever give up and move on?

So much hatred from the left on the CRC post-mortem.

They reek with it.

Part of the problem all along has been the narcissistic arrogance of those bent on ramming this project down our throats.  Many have wasted the better part of a decade deepening the divide in this country between the know-nothing leftist elitists and the poor schleps stuck with paying their bills.

For the most part, their plan was foiled.  And all they invested went up in smoke like a well-earned bong hit... and with all of the impact.

There are ways... still... that this thing can be brought back to life.  The Little Dictator in Washington, DC, can pull out his infamous pen and/or cell phone and make it happen in an instant.  Well, an instant until it gets tied up in court.

But locally, what is the focus of those who were/are bent on ignoring what the people want for their own agenda?  What will their future be?

It's made clear, I fear, with every utterance... every speech, every confrontation with Commissioners Madore and Mielke.  The hatred reeks, even over the computer.  The leftist pages, the sacrifice of the odd political goat, the hanging in political effigy of all those wise enough to represent the will of the people at the expense of the will of the special interests.  The "stamp my widdle footsie" attitude of the loser Mayor McFly of the Vancouver Soviet.

All of that adds up to a tough road to hoe for anyone supporting a bridge that doesn't end in Leavitt's driveway, complete with the fungus of loot rail and billions in tolls for almost 5 decades of time.

They lost.  Badly.  And it WAS "badly" because their campaign was a campaign of lies, distortions, arrogance and narcissism.  It was a campaign that started, effectively, by implementing a policy they stuck to faithfully from the beginning... a policy of deliberately ignoring the people of this county... and now, their political bodies outside the borders of the 49th will be strewn everywhere.

Meanwhile, this community will suffer because the democrats are stuck back in 5th grade... and there isn't an adult among them.

They plan to punish us.  They plan to make it hurt.  They plan to block every possible effort to arrive at a project that actually makes sense, a transportation solution that excludes the repeatedly rejected light rail... a plan that the people of this county will get behind.

Exhibit One, courtesy of Lew Waters.

I'm comforted by this fact, however: no matter how much pain the CRC Scammers try and inflict on the people of Clark County now and in the future... it won't come close to the pain they would have inflicted had they been successful at getting the scam built instead of the opposition meeting success at stopping them.

Many of us have spoken out against this scam for years... at least 8... maybe more.  We've put up with the attacks... the verbal and printed assaults... the belittlement... the assurances that this particular rape was inevitable.

Except... it didn't really work out that way, did it?

I had hoped that the next effort to address transportation issues here locally would be something that made sense.... something where everyone would work together to achieve an agreed-on goal.

It took about 10 minutes for me to be disabused of that admittedly bizarre notion.  And I've seen nothing to change that conclusion.

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