Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Majority of Vancouver City Council against oil plan? So what?

Odd, isn't it?  The democratian falls all over itself to tell us that a "majority of the city council (is) against (the) oil plan."

So what?

A majority of the Clark County Commission... combined with a majority of the people of this county... even a majority of the voters in the Vancouver Soviet... hate loot rail.

Does the democratian suggest that we should jettison that abortion known as the CRC Scam?


Are they urging Mayor McFly and the downtown mafia to get over it and grow up?


So, in the end, we're fairly well served by supporting... and doing... the exact opposite of the local version of Pravda Izvestia's agenda.  After all, if they weren't using the waterfront rip-off scam as a justification, they'd make something else up.

I, for one, fervently hope the city council of the Vancouver Soviet is ignored.  I no more care what they want than they care what I want.

So, let's get this thing built to teach THEM a lesson... and they can see how THEY like it.

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