Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Clark County Dems apparently dion't get the commissioner appointment process.

With the long overdue and unlamented departure of Steve Stuart, the comedy I expected concerning appointing his replacement has been breaking out all over.

The leftist have deluded themselves into believing that Stuart was anything but an irritant... that he made... or has made... any appreciable difference since January of last year when he became the Board minority.

He hasn't.

That said, it doesn't matter who the democrats put on that list.  And the bizarre idea that THEY can force the commissioners into taking whoever THEY want?
 Even though there are only three names vying for Stuart's position, county Democrats say they'll likely take other means to ensure the candidate with the most party support is appointed.
So, how do you suppose the phrase "other means" is applied?

They are going to provide 3 names on a list.  The commissioners (Madore and Mielke)  can pick any of those 3 names.  It's likely to be the one of the three they believe will actually cause the least amount of damage to the county as that person is voted on into the irrelevance of Tom Mielke when he was the Board minority after Stuart and Boldt.

So, does that mean that if Pridemore is, say, second on the list, he'd refuse the job if they selected him?

There is, in fact, a reason that 3 names are on that list.  And if the commissioners pick number 2 or 3 from that list, exactly what can the democrats do about it?

Would the third person on the list, if offered the appointment, turn it down?

And an even more interesting question: if they were to turn it down or state that they wouldn't take the job even if appointed, would that not invalidate the list and enable the commission to reject all of the applicants until they get a list of 3 who WOULD take the job?

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, the circus is in town.  It remains to be seen who are the Masters... and who are the clowns.

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