Friday, March 07, 2014

Putin tells Obama to get stuffed. Again.

Here's the biggest problem with our current administration:

They're stupid.

You only had one job, Barack:  Deal with reality.

There's a world out there.  A harsh, cruel, destructive planet.  And YOUR baseline, Barack, was SUPPOSED to have been to think the worst of THEM... instead of thinking the worst of US.

Instead of weakening our military, you should have realized as the Chinese and the Russians were (and are) ramping up and modernizing THEIR militaries that we should have done more to stay ahead.

Instead, you went around the planet, kissing everyone's ass.  You focused on income redistribution, stealing from the middle and upper class to give "stuff" to the lower class; frightening domestic programs that have and are wrecking our economy, causing more damage than the Japanese in World War 2 and enslaving generations of our children to repair his damage by paying off his debt.

And now?  Those who must respect this nation and it's military capability the most, respect us the least.  And that's all your doing... Barack. 

Now that "flexibility" you babbled about before the election is "coming home to roost" in the words of yet another of your great heroes.

Putin = winning.  Obama = loser.

I laid out the steps to avoid this kind of thing that you can expect to see more and more of as Russia and China gradually push the envelope more and more.  They won't take huge chunks of anything, because that would raise the alarm.

No, we can expect gradual expansion at a slow pace, much like the Germans before War 2, until we finally draw a line in the sand, where millions have been taken over and countries dissolve.... by the little pieces.... Tibet.... Georgia.... the Ukraine.

The one thing inarguable about our current situation is that had this coward in the White House had his priorities straight and placed the focus on Defense instead of illegal aliens and Obama phones, none of this would have been happening.

Instead of responding to this thumb in your eye with any of those steps, you move another destroyer (For a grand total of TWO) to the Black Sea (A literal version of shooting fish in a barrel) and 6 fighters to Lithuania.... and 6 old fighters at that.

You don't freeze Russian assets.  You don't respond with NATO.  You don't implement economic sanctions... in short, you're acting the way Putin knew you would... or the way you told him you would.  No.... you waste additional millions on what... your ten thousandth vacation?

Yeah, I've got to tell you: when some old, beat up former high school dropout can figure this stuff out... and all the stars on all the epaulets surrounding you... and all the Foggy Bottom expertise from either Clinton's or Kerry's shop has failed you... (Or, you were simply too arrogant to listen)  then that is a sorry state of affairs indeed.

Take your Nobel Prize and jam it.

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