Thursday, March 06, 2014

Democratian lays out the CRC Scam end game/obituary. More whaling and gnashing of teeth to come.

As it seems that yet another of the ends for the CRC Scam are arriving, the democratian took the time to explain what the end game looks like.  And for once, it looks like reasonably accurate, bearing an unusual passing resemblance to journalism, a concept rarely exhibited in the Lazy C.

The problem with this version is this: how many deadlines have their been?  How many times have we been falsely told that it's "now or never?"

I can't count that high.  And that kind of thing is a huge part of the problem: those who want this thing have no trouble lying.


They lie about what it will do.  They lie about congestion.  They lie about freight mobility.  They lie about safety.

Sen. Annette Cleveland was the most recent local liar:  She tried to run an amendment to ram CRC funding down our throats.  And kids, that's EXACTLY what would have happened if Probst had won.
Senate Bill 6001: Making 2013-2015 supplemental transportation appropriations
The amendment failed by voice vote in the Senate on March 4, 2014, increases the overall appropriation for Program Improvements by $262,400,000 in the 2013-2015 fiscal biennium to construct the preferred alternative design for a bridge with light rail that connects Vancouver, Washington and Portland, Oregon. Asserts that it is the Legislature's intent to fully fund the project up to $3,413,000,000 using contributions from federal funds, toll revenue, and equal contributions from the states of Washington and Oregon.
She replayed the same lies, over and over; the same talking points that have been disproven repeatedly, only to run into a fan held up by Rivers, Benton, King and Ericksen.

But lie they have... and lie, they will.

Is this the end?

One can only hope.  But I'll believe it when I see it. 

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