Sunday, March 02, 2014

"Moscow catches world off guard?" Seriously?

If I knew Putin was going to do this.... then how can the "world" not have known?

Anyone a leader in the western world who did not know that Russia was going to invade the Ukraine didn't know.... because they didn't WANT to know.

For the US government, it's no big deal.  Who cares that the Russians are biting off a chunk of the Ukraine relative in size to the upper northeastern part of the United States?

I'm sure that those historically astute are well aware that Hitler used the same excuse for his incursions: taking the Sudetenland in his case, it was to "protect Germans" 

Putin's justification - the need to protect Russian citizens - was the same as he used to launch a 2008 invasion of Georgia, where Russian forces seized two breakaway regions.
He was referring to the annexation of the German-speaking part of Czechoslovakia in 1938 when Hitler claimed he was merely trying to protect the ethnic German population in the area, a move that led eventually to the Second World War.
We stood by and did nothing then, as well.

This action by Putin was easy to forecast:  A weak, vacillating moron running the US Government, busily weakening American defense capability by the hour, destroying American ability to fight through social and budgetary moves that have not... by any means... made the US Military stronger today than it was that horrific day this idiot was inaugurated.

What else would he do?  Knowing that the US is governed by a coward so far over his head that they can't even pipe daylight to him, what else CAN he do?

This guy is KGB.  Do you think that KGB types are going to be "community organizer" types?

Putin owns Obama as if the 13th Amendment never happened.  He has pummeled American foreign policy like it's his own personal punching bag... and the US Military.... OUR military...,. gets weaker and weaker... you know, so we can waste billions on illegal aliens... and balance the budget on the backs of our disabled veterans.

God, how I despise our government.  Because we grow weaker by the moment, millions of innocent people are at risk of an Iron Curtain scenario and a re-start of the Cold War because our leadership is so unalterably stupid to allow it.  And then what?

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