Sunday, March 02, 2014

Jayne wears out kneepads in front of "No choice" Royce.

Look... I get that this rag worships all things anti-conservative generally, and anti-conservative commissioner particularly.

But here's the thing: contrary to the oral copulation Greg Jayne engaged in with the miscreant former mayor of the Vancouver Soviet, Pollard has been among those who have done more to damage our community and ignore the wishes of the voters than almost anyone else except The Liar Leavitt and Slimeball Stuart..

His idiotic, bank-breaking, grandiose support of the CRC Scam should see his reputation dragged behind a pickup truck until it's head snaps off.

As, if I recall, a passed-over Army lieutenant colonel, Pollard found himself in charge of a back-water outpost with the importance of a PX gas station known as Ft. Vancouver.

He began to ingratiate himself in Vancouver political circles like so many other passed-over officers have... to our dismay:  Fellow former failed officers, also stuck in this military backwater... like Larry Smith and Robert K. Smith, unable to get promoted, wound up living here.

Look.... I don't mind that the rag pats this nutjob on the head... seriously.

I just see it as yet another in the examples of double-standards the rag imposes: imagine, if you will if, say, former Commissioner Tom Mielke were to unload on the scum running the Vancouver Soviet?

Think Jayne would have worn out the rug like this in front of Tom?


Pollard was one of the fringe-left scum running around like a moron screaming about a recall of the commissioners because of their Benton hiring (And how's that working out for you, scum bag?) only to discover that there was no "there," there.

Oddly, Jayne didn't mention that.

No... it's all beat the hell out of the commissioners, all the time.  Pollard gets scummier and scummier in his old age, and the rag celebrates that... when it goes in the right direction.

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Lew Waters said...

Putting Pollard and Straight Shooter in the same sentence is an abomination to the senses.