Sunday, March 02, 2014

When Obama's foreign policy fails.... then what?

From  the beginning, I knew that Obama's efforts at foreign policy were doomed to fail.

The world is a terrible place.  It is filled with a horrific resolve from very bad people leading countries who do not and likely will never share the worldview of our president: that everything is hunky-dory and everything can be resolved over a beer.

There are countries and peoples out there who are thrilled at our pain and who would be equally happy at our demise.  The trick is to make either or both of those things more difficult.

Weakening the military as challenges increase is a self-evident recipe for disaster.  Failing to halt the reduction in the size of the military, even if only to delay it for a time in the face of this Russian hegemony extends an open invitation for Putin to do more and more and more... all with our tacit, if not implicit, approval.

There's the ignorant school of thought, who strangely have ignored history and who bases their current view of foreign policy on their hatred of Bush.  The guy who opined something about those failing to learn history being doomed to repeat it applies here and for the worst possible reasons.

The actions of the west, to date, have done nothing but encourage this sort of thing.  As the west quails at the thought of confrontation with the Russians, why should the Russians back off when all they have to do is take a quick spin in some wheeled vehicles and fly a few choppers around like they're looking for a Crispy Creme, and voila': a few hundred thousand more square miles come under Russian dominance... as if they had just annexed it outright.

In this instance, it's not even in the name of a political philosophy (Communism).  In this instance, it's just in the name of political thuggery.

And what does that simple idiot running the country do?

He sets about to cripple our... and, per force, NATO's... ability to respond.

We grow weaker.  Putin grows stronger.  The morons running the show seem to stupidly believe that Putin gives a rat's ass what the world generally and what the US particularly believes, wants or cares about.  He beats that waste of skin in the White House like a rented mule.

The rest of the world watches and waits as our weakness grows in front of their very eyes.  And they start to believe the same things Putin believes.  And they start to ask themselves: "Why can't we invade OUR neighbors?"

And what do we do or say if China gets antsy with Taiwan?  How about the Philippines?  How about Iran?  When do we say "enough?"  What does it take?

And is this the time to weaken our military even more than the horrific job that moron in the White House has already done?  Isn't it clear that the Putins of the world are counting on a weak military in the US?

How do we undo the damage this clown is doing?  How much is it going to cost us in blood and treasure... amounts of each that will make the Middle East involvement look like a fender bender in comparison?

When will we ever learn?  And how much is this lesson going to cost?

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