Saturday, March 01, 2014

Briggs: multiples of words signifying nothing.

Many of the hissy fits Briggs has babbled since Liz Pike was elected aimed at both her and Ann Rivers to a lesser extent, involves this idiocy:

I call that "idiocy" because has much as he has said this... he never explains how it works.

Briggs' primary babble has been the effort to kill the CRC Scam.  Any google search will show him doing hissy fits by the boat load over our legislators ignoring his position on the scam... which is, even in the face of overwhelming opposition, to support that rip off anyway.

While Mike lies here, repeatedly (For example, there is absolutely no way this guy will support coal and oil transport increases around here... I know it, anyone knowing Briggs knows it... and most importantly, HE knows it) so why does he feel compelled to tell us he's "studying" an issue that he's already made up his mind over?

That said, I left him a question and did a screen grab of it before he could delete it:

I look forward to his answers.  The problem is that he won't answer.  I disagree with him, so my question is not worthy of his time or effort.

He actually believes he can spout this bullshit and get elected based, apparently, on charm alone.

But the problem he's got is that "glittering generalities" will only get you so far for so long.

This is one of those times.

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