Saturday, March 01, 2014

Maureen Winningham:leftist jerk.

One of the many problems with the M&M Twins is that the only opinions they want to hear are from those they agree with.

For example, I attended both the town hall meetings today with Rep. Liz Pike and Sen. Ann Rivers.

This was the arrogant twit Winningham's nonsensical take on the town hall meeting that she and a few of the fringe-left nutters who agree with her attended:
Town hall #1: So disappointed to hear Liz Pike admit that she failed to do her job by not lobbying for her bills and calling other committee members. She also admitted her slashing of the minimum wage was for one constituent who owns a restaurant and it has no hopes of ever becoming a law. She admitted to another constituent who is young, in $26,000 of student loan debt and makes the minimum wage that her bill was badly written and not intended for him. Every time a constituent challenged Liz, Ann stepped in to answer for her. How can she represent the people in Legislative District 18 if she can't defend or articulate her own ideas?
First of all, Winningham is a liar.

She's a liar in a variety of ways, but the first of her lies was the first phrase in the first line above:

"I was so disappointed blahde blah, blah."

Here's the thing, Maureen.... you have nothing to run on so you make shit up.

Secondly, what would you do if you weren't "disappointed" in Liz?  Drop out?

I get that by now you recognize that you can't win... but your babble here is pure fiction.  Lying isn't going to get you elected, and neither is silencing those who are smart enough to disagree with you on your facebook page.

The State Representative you are "so disappointed in" doesn't ban people from expressing an opinion on HER facebook page, you cowardly git... so why do you do it on yours?

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