Monday, March 10, 2014

Money problems continue for the M&M Twins.

Looking over the PDC's, it's pretty clear that neither of them have been capable of raising any money.

Both Winningham, who has been able to put together a grand total of $700 in the past 45 days or so (And very little of that from actually within the district):

ReportATTERIDGE MARTHA MS1/27/2014$100.00   PCAMASWA98607
ReportBREEN MAUREEN MS2/17/2014$100.00    PCOLUMBUSOH43220
ReportBREEN PAUL MR2/17/2014$100.00    PCOLUMBUSOH43220
ReportEVERSOLE SUSAN MS2/26/2014$100.00   PJUNCTION CITYKS66441
ReportHUMMEL ARLIS MR2/22/2014$100.00 P  GIG HARBORWA98332
ReportPFISTER DONALD MR2/22/2014  $100.00  PAGOURA HILLSCA91301

And Briggs

ReportANDERSON-BRIGGS JANET  2/9/2014  $300.00  P  WASHOUGALWA98671

ReportATTERIDGE MARTHA2/3/2014$100.00  P  CAMASWA98607

Having shown themselves as inept at raising money as they are at answering questions from prospective constituents: abysmal failures.

For purposes of comparison, at this point in her House race in 2010, Ann Rivers had secured around $5,500 or so... and that was 4 years ago against 7 other candidates in the primary.

Man, it sucks to be a democrat in the 18th.

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