Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Memo to Mike Briggs: failing to answer questions doesn't answer them.

For several days now, I have had questions up on Mike Briggs' Campaign facebook page asking him questions.  While he has surprised me by leaving the questions up, he has NOT surprised my by failing to answer them.  That is, in fact, the pattern of democrats who don't see a potential constituent's concerns as worthy of addressing.

Neither Bob Dingethal, who received my questions concerning his positions on the CRC Scam and repealing Obamacare THREE MONTHS AGO, nor Briggs, who received my questions 9 days ago nor Maureen Winningham, who has just deleted my questions outright have responded to them.

Who could possibly want to vote for peo0ple that treat you like dirt?

Yesterday, a young man asked Briggs a series of questions.  While Briggs DID respond to them, he failed to answer any of them.

To date, neither Dingethal nor Winningham have bothered to respond to Smith's questions (Or mine, as far as that goes) again, in keeping with the typical democrat pattern.

Here, unedited, are the questions asked by Jacob Anthony-Michael Smith... and the responses failing to answer them... by Mike Briggs.

Recent Posts by Others

  • Some questions for candidate Briggs (I have asked Dingenthal questions and will ask Maureen W some questions as well as well as the GOP candidates running in Clark County) 

    1) Greg quoted you as someone who listens to both sides of the aisle. However, I was unfriended by you because I supported a candidate you disagreed with. If you cannot like people who disagree with you, how will you be able to work with Republicans in Olympia as well as the MCC in the senate?

    2) If a fellow democrat comes out against the CRC, will you be willing to support them for election? 

    3) What brings you into the race against Brandon Vick? 

    4) What will you do so Washington State meets its requirements to properly fund education? 

    5) What is something that your opponent cannot do but you are able to do? 

    6) Teacher accountability and layoffs: do you support using performance based layoffs rather than seniority based layoffs? What would you change about the accountability system in Washington state?
Here are Briggs responses:

  • Mike Briggs for State Rep 1) Jacob, in business you learn you do not have to like people in order to do business with them. It is the same in politics.
    2) The CRC is a dead issue now. I do not generally spend time on things that are no longer possible.
    3) I am running because I
     believe that folks here in the 18th District deserve fair representation. Our local economy matters to our families, and education and transportation are keys to that success.
    4) I support the issue brought about by the WA ST Supreme Court known as the McCleary Decision. With this in mind I will do what I can to make sure the legislature meets the demands, as identified by our Supreme Court, and by the 2018 deadline. 
    5) My opponent, Rep. Brandon Vick, cannot draw upon the over 30 extra years time I have in maturity, education, military service, business, travel, life’s failures and successes, and the time I have available to me at this point in my life, over his youth and inexperience, young family and his demanding landscaping business.
    6) I believe in a system that gives our children the best possible education that is possible, with the current teachers, the current money and the current facilities we have available to us at this time.
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In order, Briggs fails to answer Smith's first question, fails to answer the second, fails, again, to explain what "fair representation is," how the people of this district are not already getting that or how he would provide it.

That is a specific question I have asked him that he continues to ignore.

He goes on to fail to answer the forth question,  fails to answer the fifth question while also failing to answer the sixth question.

It's problematic when you ask someone what time it is, and they insist on telling you how a watch works without giving the time to you.

Not one of Smith's questions were answered by Briggs.  Sadly, this is what we can expect from Briggs in the unlikely even he is elected.

But just for giggles, I asked a follow up question concerning the CRC:

    • K.j. Hinton So, when the CRC is brought back... and you know it will be... will you vote your district and our opposition to light rail?

      Or will you back up all of your comments in support of the CRC, light rail and all?
Oddly, I seriously doubt that he'll respond to this question, instead, continuing to play the democrat ostrich by hiding his head in the sand in the desperate and false hope that these issues generally... and the CRC in particular... will somehow go away.

They won't.  And since Briggs is wrong on these issues and lacks the courage to answer these questions with straight responses, what are his chances he could ever be elected to anything?

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