Monday, March 10, 2014

State senate dems take major hit: Tracy Eide announces she's done.

Leftist heads are hanging even lower today as control of the senate became that much less likely with the announcement that democrat Senator Tracy Eide, Transportation Co-Chair and long-term incumbent from Federal Way will not run for re-election.

Eide was a pro-CRC'er who woke up a few days ago to discover that former-democrat-turned Republican former State Representative Mark Miloscia had announced he was running against her.
Transportation Co-Chair Democrat State Sen. Tracy Eide Will Not Run for Re-Election
March 10, 2014
State Senator Tracy Eide (D-30)
Olympia was abuzz Monday as veteran Democratic legislator and current co-chair of the Senate Transportation Committee, state Sen. Tracy Eide (D-Federal Way), announced she will not seek re-election to a fifth term in the state Senate.

In her statement, Eide revealed that she made her decision not to run shortly after her last election… almost four years ago.

“Shortly after my re-election in 2010, I decided that this term would be my last and that I would pour myself into this term and then open the door for someone else,” Eide said. “That time is here.”

Eide has come under scrutiny of late by being caught red-handed guarding a Democrat roadblock in the Transportation Committee through which no reform measures would easily pass without prior agreement by the Republican-led Majority Coalition Caucus on tax and spending increases.

Miloscia, a seven-term former state representative in Eide's district may who recently switched over to the GOP may well be the writing on the wall that makes it effectively impossible for the democrats to have any hope of regaining control of the Senate.

Leftist heads were already exploding (Check the March 5 and 6 entries) over Miloscia running.

Eide's claim she had made this decision almost immediately after her last reelection 4 years ago rings hollow due to her failure to announce it some time ago, now giving anyone else a very late start in playing catch-up with Miloscia.  Mark's got a great resume' and a substantial electoral track record there that will be hard to beat.
March madness, at least in state politics, has begun.
Mark Miloscia, former seven-term Democrat state representative from Federal Way, is swapping jerseys to play for Republicans in a bid unseat state Sen. Tracy Eide (D-Federal Way). The Harvard and Air Force Academy graduate, former bomber pilot, husband, father of three, and long-time public servant believes the 30th legislative district rates better leadership than it is currently getting.
Mark-Miloscia“The hardworking people in the 30th District deserve a Senator who will work to make government efficient and accountable, from local classrooms to big government agencies,” Miloscia said in an official announcement made Thursday. “I voted against unnecessary tax increases and bloated budgets when I was in the Legislature and will continue to ensure taxpayer money is not wasted.”
Miloscia also said he plans to begin his campaign on the ground, knocking on doors and meeting voters face to face.
“It’s amazing what you learn when you take the time to listen. Schools, jobs, and public safety are certainly the most important issues for most folks. I will listen, work exceptionally hard in Olympia, and fight to have a state government that shares our values and goals,” said Miloscia.
Miloscia left the state House in 2012 to run for state auditor and lost in the primary, but prior to that had been a fairly popular elected official in his own district. Miloscia won his 2010 legislative race by an almost 20-point margin. By comparison, Eide’s Senate race that year was a four-point squeaker.

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