Saturday, March 15, 2014

Let's get real about Stuart bailing out, shall we?

(Have I just missed Lefty Lou's column bemoaning the shattered dream that was the CRC Scam?  All that time, effort, energy and wasted ink over the last decade... and the local rag has nothing to say editorially?)

Today's column provides cover typical of the kind Lou provides for fellow leftists:
The wheels already are fully in motion to replace outgoing Democratic Commissioner Steve Stuart. Stuart has had enough of Republican Commissioners David Madore and Tom Mielke (the M&M boys) and announced in January he wouldn't seek re-election.

Almost as soon as the words came out of his mouth, he applied for — and then got — the city manager's job in Ridgefield.
That Lou got the process sorta backwards is the thing: does anyone really doubt that first: Struart announced he was leaving because he knew that he'd get the same result in the next election as former commissioner Marc Boldt... that is, pretty much flattened by an electorate that is sick of being ignored and an electorate sick of being taken for granted.

Second, that by selling out the people of this county on the TriMet vote along with fellow leftist Ridgefield Mayor Ron Onslow, they became, well, "screw your buddies" types together.   Meanwhile, the city manager of Ridgefield was smart enough to leave that particular Titanic way back in November. 

Third, Stuart announces he's not running for re-election on January 24. 

Fourth, Nelson Holmberg reading the tea leaves (And apparently having received a better offer) bails out of consideration as a finalist on March 3.

Fifth, Stuart is the "unanimous choice" of the Ridgefield City Council.

Nah.  This was ALL on the up and up.

Stuart served on the county commission for some nine or ten years or so.  But what he's going to be remembered for the most was opposing his own constituents... the people of this county.

His dogged determination to ignore the people because of his "superior vision" (What the hell difference does it make what the people want?  I know better than all of them!) of a CRC Scam raping us as a community for the next 45 years of tolls for a construction that will accomplish absolutely nothing... save to vacuuming billions (Yes, I said BILLIONS) of dollars out of our local community to ram the hated light rail down our throats will be his legacy.  And, it's the true nexus of why he bailed on his responsibility to the county.

Add that to his abysmal failure on the ballpark scam, where he again ignored the outrage of the people... and, sadly, THAT is going to be his legacy in this county.

Lefty, of course, mentions none of that. That doesn't fit into the "Hate Madore" meme he's worked so hard to develop, the meme were anytime any leftist bails on their responsibility or obligation to the citizens of this county, why, it's not THEIR fault.... THEY can't be held accountable.

Nope... it's ALWAYS going to be Madore's fault.  Always.  Reality notwithstanding, Lefty wouldn't have it any other way.

Lefty leaves out (As does Stuart) that Stuart almost lost against an unknown who mailed it in for a campaign in 2010.  There's a damned good chance he's have been rolled like a chicken breast in flour if he had been foolish enough to try it again.

Being leftists, they'll naturally make excuses for each other... present a reality from a parallel universe that has nothing to do with THIS world.

Stuart's looming loss?  Well, THAT wasn't the reason he bailed on his constituents and those misguided enough to have actually supported him for a sweeter gig.... oh, no.  The reason was that Stuart was, effectively, "Mielked" for the past 15 months, ignored like Stuart had ignored Mielke.  The problem here is clear: Stuart can dish it out... but he can't take it.  After all, to hear him tell it, "... he only speaks for Steve" and not for us.

Because he's Lou's fellow leftist, however, those are truths that Lefty won't report.  (Like so many other truths, come to think of it.)  Lefty does all he can in every instance to cover for the left's foibles... it's a form of political bigotry and hatred that the left is known for.  Just peruse the Madore/Mielke hate site, C3G2 for an example.

In short, the reason he left was a version of cowardice mixed with an already set up opportunity.  it was the smart play, under the circumstances.  Of course, the smarter play would have been to avoid these circumstances by listening to the people... instead of just listening to himself and the special interests who owned him.

But there are no coincidences in politics.  So lets get real about it, shall we?

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